2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

Toyota has unveiled its latest entry-level SUV, the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid, which boasts a combination of performance and efficiency with its advanced hybrid system. The car is designed to cater to drivers who want the versatility of an SUV with the fuel efficiency of a hybrid.

The Corolla Cross Hybrid is powered by the Fifth Generation Toyota Hybrid System, which combines a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors. This system is coupled with an Electronic All-Wheel Drive system, which provides improved traction and stability on the road. The result is increased power with 196 horsepower and an 8.0 second 0-60 time, making it a fun and sporty SUV to drive.

But the Corolla Cross Hybrid is not just about performance. It also offers impressive fuel efficiency, with an EPA-estimated 42 combined miles per gallon for all grades. This means you can drive farther with fewer trips to the gas station, making it a smart choice for drivers who want to save money on fuel.

The new Corolla Cross Hybrid will be available in three grades: S, SE, and XSE, giving drivers the flexibility to choose the level of luxury and technology they desire. The car will be assembled in the U.S. at the new Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama, creating more jobs in the local community.

The Corolla Cross Hybrid has a sporty exterior, with a higher line-of-sight and a spacious interior, similar to its sedan and hatchback siblings. The SUV is available in a range of exterior and interior color options, allowing drivers to customize their ride to their personal taste.

Inside, the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is equipped with standard Toyota Safety Sense, which includes features like pre-collision warning, lane departure alert, and automatic high beams. The car also comes with the new Toyota Multimedia System, which includes Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and added USB-C charge ports. The system can be controlled through intuitive touch and voice activation controls, making it easy to stay connected on the go.

But that’s not all. The Corolla Cross Hybrid also offers Intelligent Assistant, Cloud Navigation, and Destination Assist, thanks to the Connected Service Drive Connect trial or subscription. These features make it easy to find your way, stay connected, and get help when you need it.

In conclusion, the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid is an impressive addition to Toyota’s lineup, offering performance and efficiency in an entry-level SUV. With the Fifth Generation Toyota Hybrid System and Electronic All-Wheel Drive system, the car is designed to cater to drivers who want the best of both worlds. Available in S, SE, and XSE grades, the car is assembled in the U.S. and comes with standard Toyota Safety Sense and the new Toyota Multimedia System. If you’re looking for a versatile and fuel-efficient SUV, the Corolla Cross Hybrid is definitely worth considering.