Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has recently introduced its latest gate-driver IC called “TB9083FTG,” which caters to the needs of electric power steering (EPS), electric brakes, shift-by-wire, and various types of pumps. This new product aims to improve the safety of electrical components in automotive equipment.

ISO 26262 Compliance for Functional Safety

To meet the functional safety standards for road vehicles, including the ISO 26262, automotive equipment must deliver exceptional performance. This applies to semiconductor chips and electronic components used in automotive systems as well. The TB9083FTG is designed to comply with the ISO 26262 2nd edition functional safety, with ASIL-D support, which makes it ideal for use in highly safety-critical automotive systems.

Features and Benefits

TB9083FTG controls and drives external N-channel power MOSFETs for driving a three-phase brushless DC motor. For systems requiring safety relays, it has a built-in three-channel gate-driver that eliminates the need for external components and helps reduce the part count. The package comes in a P-VQFN48-0707-0.50-005 housing with a wettable flank structure, allowing visual inspection of solder joints using an automatic optical inspection (AOI) system for improved solder joint reliability.

Reduced Mounting Area

With a small package of 7.0mm × 7.0mm (typ.), the mounting area has been reduced by approximately 66% compared to the current product. This helps control the increase in the mounting area, as the number of electronic components on ECU boards tends to rise due to redundant designs, ensuring higher levels of safety.

Toshiba’s continuous efforts to introduce improved functions that match the requirements of ISO 26262 2nd edition into gate-driver IC for automotive three-phase brushless DC motors, will contribute to the electrification and safety enhancement of automotive equipment.