Volvo Cars and Waze Partner for In-Car Navigation

Volvo Cars has partnered with Waze to provide real-time navigation through its infotainment systems in cars worldwide. The Waze app is now available for download in the Google Play Store on all Volvo cars with Google built-in around the globe, with the exception of China, South Korea, and Vietnam. This collaboration also marks the first time the in-car Waze app is available to drivers in the US and Asia Pacific.

The partnership allows drivers to access the best of Waze’s real-time routing, navigation, and alerts through their car’s infotainment system. The in-car Waze app is easy to set up with a one-time download from the Google Play Store, and navigation can be accessed with a single tap. This convenience means drivers can avoid phone-related distractions and enjoy the full functionality of the Waze app on their mobile phone.

The in-car Waze app also makes everyday journeys easier, with a bigger and bolder eye-level display area. This display utilizes more of the centre screen in the Volvo user interface, making navigation more comfortable.

Erik Severinson, global head of new car programmes and operations strategy at Volvo Cars, said the collaboration with Waze is part of their commitment to expanding their in-car app offer to bring more options and benefits to customers. Severinson said, “We’re committed to continuously improving the experience in Volvo cars through our in-house software development and ongoing collaborations with tech companies such as Google and Waze.”

Aron Di Castro, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Waze, expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, “Having Waze’s real-time navigation, routing, and alerts seamlessly displayed in the car, without needing to connect your phone to the car, makes for a simplified and seamless driving experience.”

This collaboration is made possible through the Android emulator offered on the Volvo Cars Developer Portal, which allowed Waze to develop and test the in-car app virtually, alongside the in-car infotainment system. This dual testing approach ensured a high-quality user experience before launching in customer cars.

The Waze app is now available to all Volvo cars with Google built-in globally, except in China, South Korea, and Vietnam. Availability of the features and services may differ between markets.