dorn room

College dorm rooms,at first glance, seem like a very crowded space with no room whatsoever, but with some bit of creativity and unique ideas, it can be organized and make it accommodate more than it seems like it should.

So, whether you are in a college dorm, a Canadian Accredited Independent Schools dorm, or even in your parent’s house living in a small bedroom, you can implement the following techniques to make your living more organized.

Make a List of Your Activity

Create a list of your hobbies and daily activities. It is preferred to make a timetable to know what you do regularly and arrange the furniture accordingly. If your hobby is gaming, you would like to have a gaming space in your dorm or collect and race drones from Omniviewtech; you would prefer a separate area for that.

If you organize and plan, you would be able to make a dedicated corner for your hobbies. Just make sure that it should be opposite facing the study table, so you don’t keep looking at it while studying.

Focus on Multi-Use Furniture

Beds, dressers, and desks are standard in most dorm rooms. If you need to add more furniture, multi-purpose furniture can help you make the most of your room. Instead of adding dining chairs to your dorm space, consider adding storage ottomans or a trunk to include seating that also serves as secret storage!

Use Your Walls

Using vertical storage is a great dorm room organizing tip! Anything from shoes to cleaning supplies can be stored in over-the-door shoe racks, over-the-door towel racks, or hanging baskets. Wire shower caddies with hooks may also be used to hold pens, notebooks, stationery, and other objects near your desk.

Use Your Bed as a Storage

Make use of the room under your bed for storage. Many dorm room beds might well be raised to accommodate storage cabinets, drawers, or crates. You may also use the space under the bed to store a desk, dresser, or futon. Try buying bed risers if your dorm room bed does not adjust. Add a bed skirt to cover your storage room under your bed if you’re concerned about it being cluttered.

Add Organizers and Binder Clips

A dorm desk organizer keeps spare pens, pencils, notepads, rulers, and other things organized. Mason jars are a cheap and adorable way to store writing utensils if you don’t have desk drawers.

Binder clips are also helpful for more than just keeping papers together. They’re a cheap way to keep your cords organized on your dorm desk! To keep cables open and organized, attach a few binder clips to the back or side of your desk and thread the chargers through the loop.

Try to Save Space Everywhere

Save space in the wardrobe by rolling your clothes. Save space in the kitchen by using disposable utensils. Use boxes and organizers to stack stuff in a single corner. You can also use a basket for bed sheets and blankets.


You will build a cozy space that feels like a home away from home by implementing these simple dorm room organizing and storage ideas.