Polygon Network is a blockchain that provides hybrid Proof-of-Stake. Polygon is a sidechain that runs alongside the Ethereum main blockchain making possible for swift transactions with low fees compared with Ethereum. Native cryptocurrency for Polygon network is MATIC.

Polygon Network

Objective of Polygon network is  decentralization and Web 3.0. Polygon is an Ethereum scaling network that makes developers to develop scalable and user-friendly dApps as compared to Ethereum mainnet with  fast and low transaction fees with security. Polygon is becoming a power house for growth of Web 3.0 applications by providing the reliable and secure infrastructure needed for Web 3.0 in which new reliable new tokens emerges Ontanium – OTM which adopts same Web 3.0 polygon network with limited supply.

Till now more than 7000 dApps are using Polygon network for scaling their performance and security. This complete scaling inludes;

  • Polygon PoS: An EVM-compatible Ethereum sidechain, secured by a permissionless set of PoS validators.
  • Polygon Hermez: An open-source zk-rollup optimised for secure, low-cost and usable token transfers on the wings of Ethereum.
  • Polygon Avail: A general-purpose, scalable data availability-focused blockchain targeted for standalone chains and off-chain scaling solutions.
  • Polygon Edge: A modular and extensible framework for building private or public Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.
  • Polygon Nightfall: A one-of-a-kind scaling solution that uses optimistic roll-ups along with Zero-Knowledge cryptography (zk-rollup).
  • Polygon Miden: A STARK based zk-rollup with support for arbitrary smart contracts.
  • Polygon Zero: A highly-scalable, Ethereum-compatible zk-rollup. It uses an incredibly fast recursive proof system that is Eth-friendly.

Polygon displays a potential trend on blockchain network and a bright future ahead with increased adoption and development in the short and long term. Polygon network has sought enormous potential for growth as well as further development in crypto world to become more attractive, fast and secure.