Xperia XZ3

Take Control With Google Assistant Voice Commands Unique To Xperia™ Xz3 – Sep 26, 2018 – Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – If the stunning OLED screen, breathtaking camera and exciting new features weren’t enough to convince you that the XZ3’s the best of the best, Sony have partnered with Google to offer Google Assistant voice commands completely unique to Xperia XZ3.

These Xperia exclusive functions support English, Japanese, German, Spanish and French and allow users to not only learn more about their device, but launch key features hands free.

There are several ways you can launch Google Assistant on your Xperia XZ3; double tap the power button, press and hold down the home button, or simply say “Hey Google”.

From here, XZ3 users can launch Xperia-unique experiences just by talking to Google Assistant. Below are just some of the phrases you can try out with your own XZ3.

To change which apps appear in your Side sense menu, open Google Assistant and say “Open Side sense settings”, or if you want to find out more about how Side sense works just ask “What is Side sense” or “Tell me about Side sense”.

Want to know more about the fantastic new Smart launch feature? All you need to do is ask “What is Smart launch” and you’ll see an introduction to the feature.

Are you a keen content creator? The XZ3 has a fantastic array of content creating features which you can now launch in a flash using Google Assistant. Simply state, “Take a 4K HDR movie”, “Take a Super slow-motion video”, or “Open 3D Creator” to Google Assistant to launch each feature. Or if you’re just getting started and want to find out more it’s just a simple question of “What is 4K HDR Movie recording”, “What is Super slow motion” or “What is 3D Creator”.

If you’re more interested in watching and playing content than creating it, you’ll want to play around with the thrill enhancing Dynamic Vibration settings on the XZ3 to create a truly immersive experience. Want to give it a whirl? Just say “Try Dynamic Vibration” to Google Assistant on your XZ3. Only want to switch it on for certain content? No problem! Launch Google Assistant and let it know your preferences, for example “Try Dynamic Vibration with YouTube” or “Try Dynamic Vibration with Album”.

Not sure where to begin with all the amazing new features on the XZ3? Well, there’s a voice command for that too. Just open Google Assistant and ask “What can this phone do?” and it’ll recommend some Xperia features just for you, pretty nifty right!