Suzuki Auto Gear Shift

Suzuki unveils newly-developed transmission Auto Gear Shift in India – Jan 15, 2014– New Delhi, India (Techreleased) – Suzuki Motor Corporation has developed a new transmission Auto Gear Shift, which combines merits of both manual and automatic transmission.

Suzuki Auto Gear ShiftAuto Gear Shift is a newly-developed automated manual transmission (AMT) which equips an electro-hydraulic actuator that automatically operates clutch and gearshift, on the new five-speed manual transmission.
By integrating the actuator and the controller and directly mounting it onto the transmission, Auto Gear Shift is designed to provide unity of the operating device. Also, it has realized smooth shifting of gears by contriving the synchronization control of clutch, gearshift and engine.

Characteristics of Auto Gear Shift

Excellent fuel efficiency

Its fuel efficiency is at the same level as the manual transmission because the basic structure is manual transmission. Also, optimal gearshift operation controlled by the computer contributes to high fuel efficiency.

Easy driving

Because operations of clutch pedal and gearshift by the driver would be unnecessary, and it is equipped with creep function at the start, Auto Gear Shift enables easy driving even for parking and during traffic congestion.

Fun driving

Manual mode can be selected to enjoy driving, which enables shifting gears at the driver’s will, just like manual transmission.
It provides fun of driving due to synergetic effect with direct drive feeling of manual transmission.

Suzuki will unveil a new model equipped with this newly-developed transmission, Auto Gear Shift at the Delhi Auto Expo which will be held in India from 5 February, 2014.