A Selfie Lens

When Cupid drew back his bow, you had no idea his arrow would strike the heart of an avid Apple addict. Now weeks, months, or even years down the line, the veil has lifted, and you know beyond a doubt their love for the Cupertino-based company may rival the feelings they have for you!

Well, almost.

To secure the top spot in their heart this holiday, forget about the stereotypical gifts you can find at the mall aroundtown. Instead of the typical gift certificate, package of socks, or set of scented candles, get them something they really want. Stick with some of these Apple-inspired gifts and score big with your significant other.

A Selfie Lens

A Selfie Lens

If you’re an Instagram boyfriend (or girlfriend), then you know your bae’s selfie game is strong — partly for all the unusual positions you’ve assumed to snap up the best shots. Most iPhones produce grammable pics that are easily hashtaged and liked, but there’s always something bigger and better waiting. They can get there this holiday with an iPhone lens kit.

These small accessories snap around the lens of their 8 and enhances its already amazing camera. Choose the right one by using a guide like this one, and you’ll find a lens that improves the clarity, stability, zoom, and saturation of every scene they snap.

A New Stylus

Armed with a stylus and their iPad, the bae can spend a whole Sunday doodling on their tablet, stopping only to sip on their latte and order pizza from Grub Hub. Unfortunately, it’s all too often they lose their stylus to couch cushions, sticky-pawed cats, or house gnomes. If you’ve had to join in the hunt for their missing pen, then you know how frustrating this mystery can be.

Be their knight in shining armor by getting them a stockpile of back-up styluses. You can find decent pens around $10 (like the Adonit Mark), so you can wrap up several of them. To sweeten the deal, get them one of these luxury styluses created specifically for artists and graphic designers. You might want to add a beacon on this one, just in case your cat, Mittens, decides to take it for a spin.

Cool iPhone Skins

Cool iPhone Skins

They may be The OneTM, but that doesn’t mean you can drop the grand it costs to get them the new iPhone X. Few people have the budgets to accommodate that kind of gift, and it’s a good thing anyways, considering the delays in production.

Get them the next best thing by updating their handset with an iPhone decal. Also known as skins, iPhone decals transform the handset with a customizable vinyl accessory. You can choose from mahogany, marble, bamboo, dragon skin, and carbon fiber iPhone skins — which are only several examples of the options ahead of you when you shop from the folks at dbrand. With an exclusive partnership with 3M, they have premium designs you can get anywhere else. There are so many, you may even find the perfect design to keep your iPhone 8 looking new as you shop. Whichever designs speaks to your partner, each skin is made from a durable vinyl that provides unparalleled coverage, so it won’t peel off after wear and tear.

iPhone Dock

If you expect to FaceTime with your partner whenever you’re apart, then they’ll need the juice to get their phone through the day. Make sure they have a Lightning Dock that charges their batteries quickly, so you’re never left too long without contact.

Apple has its own line of docks, though you can find third-party options that do the job. From docking stations that look like gardens to geek-chic styles that would fit any office, there’s something for everyone. Match its finish with the iPhone 8 skin sticker you designed above, and you’ve got a perfectly curated gift that shows off your thoughtful side.

The Bottom Line?

They may love Apple a lot, but they’ll love you even more when they unwrap one of these gifts this holiday. Dump the boring, hackneyed gifts that everyone else will be clamouring to give each other this December and land a personalized gift that speaks to your honey. It’s an easy way to impress your significant other.