Canon Launches FPA-5550iX Semiconductor Lithography System

Canon Inc. has announced the launch of its latest semiconductor lithography system, the FPA-5550iX i-line stepper, which boasts a large exposure field of 50 x 50 mm and a high resolution of 0.5 micrometers. The new system is designed for front-end processes and is capable of single exposure of a large field with high precision required to produce full-frame CMOS sensors and other high-precision devices.

The FPA-5550iX is also able to manufacture small displays for devices such as head-mounted displays and high-contrast micro-OLED panels with wide viewing angles, which are expected to grow as displays for cutting-edge XR devices.

The new system is an upgrade from its predecessor, the FPA-5510iX, which was released in September 2015. Canon has utilized the same projection lens in the new system, which allows for a high resolution of 0.5┬Ám. The wide exposure field of 50 x 50 mm enables high-resolution single exposure for full-frame CMOS sensors, next-generation displays for XR devices, and more.

Canon has also refined the manufacturing processes to ensure high-quality, stable production of projection lenses, which are essential for the lithography system. The demand for semiconductor lithography systems is expected to be high, and the FPA-5550iX is well-positioned to meet the demand.

One of the key features of the FPA-5550iX is its new alignment scope, which can read a wider variety of alignment marks, expanding the range of processes in which the system can be used. The alignment scope has a “bright-field detection” function for measuring direct light and a new “dark-field detection” function for measuring scattered and diffracted light. This allows users to select a wide range of measurement methods, and the system can detect and measure low-contrast alignment marks.

The system’s flexibility in alignment mark measurement also allows it to be utilized in a variety of processes. Users can optionally select an infrared wavelength that can pass through silicon, enabling them to measure the alignment on the back of the wafer. This is a requirement for the manufacture of back-illuminated sensors.

In addition, when combined with Canon’s Lithography Plus solution platform, released in September 2022, the FPA-5550iX provides operators with the ability to monitor the condition of the lithography system and perform analyses. This helps maintain appropriate quality control and higher utilization rates, ensuring maximum efficiency in the production process.

The FPA-5550iX is an important addition to Canon’s portfolio of semiconductor lithography systems, and its capabilities make it a valuable tool for high-precision device manufacturers. The system’s large exposure field and high resolution enable single exposure of a large field with high precision, improving efficiency and reducing production costs.

Canon has a strong presence in the semiconductor lithography market, and its products are widely used in the manufacturing of various electronic devices. The company’s commitment to innovation and high-quality production processes has earned it a reputation as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Overall, the launch of the FPA-5550iX is a significant development in the semiconductor lithography market. Its advanced features and capabilities will enable manufacturers to produce high-precision devices with greater efficiency and accuracy, while maintaining high-quality standards. Canon’s latest offering is sure to attract the attention of manufacturers worldwide, and it will be interesting to see how it performs in the highly competitive semiconductor lithography market.