Aug 31, 2012–Medina,USA (Techreleased) – Pure Polaris introduces pro-fit cab systems.Pure Polaris introduces a revolutionary line of cab accessories, designed to be superior in every way to cab systems of the past. The new, high-quality Lock & Ride™ PRO-FIT cab components top a long list of innovative accessories available for the Polaris RANGER and RZR families of side-by-sides.

New Lock & Ride PRO-FIT Cab Systems Feature Total Integration 
The new Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab accessories from Pure Polaris are designed for total integration with the all-new 2013 RANGER XP 900. That’s an industry first. The vehicle and its accessories were literally made for each other. From the inception of the RANGER XP 900, the goal was to use total integration to create an industry-leading cab of the highest quality. The vehicle is designed around the cab, instead of the cab being designed around the vehicle.
“The new Lock & Ride PRO-FIT Accessories and the new RANGER XP 900 were developed as a single, integrated project,” said Steve Eastman, Vice President Polaris PG&A. “This integration allows us to provide riders with the easiest installation and the best fit and performance they’ve ever experienced from RANGER accessories.”
The cab frame on the new 2013 RANGER XP 900 features profile tubing, providing a 360-degree sealing surface for every cab component. Windshields, roofs, doors and rear panels follow the shape of the vehicle, locking directly into the cab frame’s precision contours. That eliminates gaps for a secure fit, a better-sealing cab, game-changing fast installation and a perfect match to the advanced styling of the new RANGER XP 900.
There are multiple combinations of cab components using different customer-driven features, allowing owners of the new RANGER XP 900 to build a cab for their particular application, desired level of comfort and protection, and budget.
The Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab systems offer a variety of ventilation features, including tip-out windshields and sliding windows on doors and rear panels. In addition, Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cabs feature industry firsts, including power windows, automotive-style interior liners for noise-dampening and Lock & Ride technology.
Lock & Ride PRO-FIT Cabs Take Durability To A New Level
 The new Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab accessories are 100% professional-grade, setting a new standard in durability and reliability. They are made by Polaris, for Polaris. Their designs are created and validated using the same processes used to build the Polaris RANGER, the Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding side-by-sides in the industry.
All Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab components feature durable, automotive-quality materials and construction. Canvas cabs are made with rugged Jeep®-style material. Windshields are available in impact-resistant polycarbonate or automotive-style, curved laminate glass, both with 360 degree gaskets for excellent sealing. Doors feature steel frames with quality sealing surfaces. Injection-molded door skins use a structural web process that produces higher strength, greater rigidity and outstanding fit. Integrated mounting points and hinges are built-in, not added later, for a tight fit that eliminates rattles and provides consistent sealing and operation.
Add Or Change Cab Components In Seconds
Many Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab components feature Polaris-exclusive Lock & Ride technology. The new Lock & Ride PRO-FIT windshields, poly roofs and rear panels snap directly onto the vehicle cab frame, with a seamless fit and without tools. They lock in place quickly and easily using pre-installedLock & Ride PRO-FIT quarter-turn handles. Non-Lock & Ride cab components are also easy to attach, with mounting points integrated into the cab frame.
Change your mind, change your accessories. Installing Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab components is quick and easy. So is taking them off. You can add or remove accessories on a whim, or with the changing weather. That’s another industry first.
Lock & Ride PRO-FIT Cab Interiors Are Up To 60% Quieter
Minimize the noise and you maximize the enjoyment on the trail, hunt or job site. The exclusive design of the new Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab doors and roofs includes available sound-absorbing liners and sound-dampening foam. Combine that with the engine-behind-the-seat design of the new RANGER XP 900, and sound levels inside the cab are up to 60% quieter at idle, and 40% quieter at 20 mph.