Nissan Announces all new Generation Taxi in Japan by June 2015 – NV200 Taxi – Nov 26, 2014– Yokohama,  Japan (Techreleased) – The new generation taxi will start operations soon in Japan. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the full-scale launch of the NV200 Taxi throughout Japan beginning in June 2015.

NV200 Taxi LPG Bi-Fuel
NV200 Taxi LPG Bi-Fuel

The NV200 Taxi redefines the sedan-based taxi and will give city commuters a much improved and comfortable way to travel. It is based on the popular Nissan NV200 (NV200 Vanette in Japan), a multi-purpose commercial vehicle that has garnered worldwide recognition and praise, winning countless awards in various markets. The NV200 is currently sold in more than 40 countries including Japan, Europe, China and the United States. NV200 Taxi has been launched recently in USA as the next-generation Yellow Cab in New York City delivering outstanding comfort and safety features, whilst operating with best in category cost of ownership.

The NV200 Taxi adopts a “private shuttle” theme, highlighted by a spacious interior with room large enough to accommodate up to 4 big suitcases. Large automatic sliding doors make ingress and egress simple, while a panoramic moon roof offers riders a grand view of the scenery above. Also, the newly designed seats and optimized suspension system combine to provide a limousine like comfort and smooth ride.

For those behind the steering wheel—namely the taxi drivers—the NV200 Taxi is a dream come true. The high driving position (line of sight) offers a commanding view of the traffic ahead, while the vehicle’s excellent headroom and supple ride quality reduce stress and exhaustion during long shifts. Also, the vehicle’s nimble handling character not only makes the NV200 Taxi fun to drive, but ideal for navigating through densely crowded roadways. As a result, the NV200 Taxi’s unique features combine to make it an extremely safe vehicle.

Another important facet of the NV200 Taxi is its excellent value and running cost performance. Even with luxurious niceties such as automatic sliding doors with automatic entry steps as part of the vehicle’s long list of standard equipment, the NV200 Taxi’s price tag is comparable to that of conventional sedan taxis. Also, the next-gen taxi incorporates the LPG Bi-Fuel system that uses both gasoline and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), resulting in improved overall fuel economy, with increased driving range. And to lower maintenance expenses to add even more overall cost performance to the vehicle, Nissan made durability refinements to the NV200 Taxi’s engine, brakes and electrical components.

Advantages of the NV200 taxi:

1. A large automatic sliding door for improved ingress and egress

  • Larger-than-average people can enter the car with ease without ducking or crouching through the doorway. The large space makes it easy to bring aboard folded strollers and other large items.
  • The automatic sliding door allows easy ingress and egress in cramped spaces and quick access to the cabin in inclement weather.
  • The electric slide steps make it easier for people, especially children and the elderly, to step into and out of the cabin, while the lamps on the steps add safety at night.

2. A spacious and comfortable interior and lots of luggage space

  • Passengers are treated to spacious and relaxing rear seats with plenty of leg room.
  • Folded baby strollers and other large items can be placed on the floor in front of the seats.
  • The spacious luggage compartment holds up to four large suitcases.

3. A comfortable ride similar to that of a sedan and offering an excellent view of the surrounding scenery from inside the vehicle

  • The newly-designed seats are both comfortable and supportive (complete with recline and lumbar adjustments).
  • The rear suspension has been changed to a dual-leaf setup proven in New York taxis.
  • A high line of vision and the panoramic moon roof offers excellent views of the scenery around and above the vehicle.
  • A convenient 12-volt outlet for recharging electronic devices such as smart phones and cell phones has been implemented in the rear seats.

4. Driver friendly performance

  • The high line of vision resulting from an elevated seating position, offers a commanding view of what’s ahead.
  • The spacious cockpit (plenty of headroom and elbow room) reduces driver stress.
  • The vehicle’s compactness (overall length of 4400mm) and small turning radius of 5.2m makes the NV200 Taxi amazingly nimble and agile.

5. Superb total cost performance

  • Unlike conventional sedan taxis, the NV200 Taxi includes automatic sliding doors, automatic steps, and more, as standard equipment, while pricing is kept at the same level as its sedan counterparts.
  • The NV200 Taxi features the LPG Bi-Fuel system that allows the use of both gasoline and LPG, automatically (and manually, if desired) switching between the two sources of fuel. Also, in comparison to the NV200 Vanette Taxis (Universal Design), the LPG tank volume has been increased from 45.5L to 73L, greatly improving the vehicle’s range on a tank of fuel. Compared to the Cedric (Y31), improvements were made to the efficiency and durability of the engine, brakes, and the electrical units, thereby reducing maintenance costs. In addition, the vehicle’s fuel-efficient nature also plays a big role in the NV200 Taxi’s excellent total cost performance.
<Suggested Retail Price (tax included)> (unit: yen)
Model Roof Drive Passenger Engine Mission Price
NV200 Taxi
Gasoline car
Standard 2WD 5 HR16DE E-ATx 2,196,720
Panoramic roof 2,391,120
NV200 Taxi
LPG Bi-Fuel
Standard HR16DE LPG Bi-Fuel 2,816,640
Panoramic roof 3,011,040 ☆Pictured above
E-ATx: Full-range electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission
*Vehicle registration to be done at the Transport Bureau (the NV200 Taxi LPG Bi-Fuel is treated under Autech Japan, Inc.)

In order to contribute to the innovations in the taxi businesses, Nissan started sales of the NV200 Vanette Taxi from December 2010. Since then, Nissan has been showered with praise from a wide spectrum of customers. Nissan will now offer a new and improved version to even more customers with the NV200 Taxi.

♦Main differences in features
NV200 Taxi NV200 Vanette Taxi
(Universal Design)
Luggage compartment Flat flooring Equipped with a wheel-chair holding device (against slopes)
Seating Backseat: PVC (synthetic leather) surface.
Backseat: Designed specifically for taxis.
Backseat: tricot Foldable backseat specific seat
LPG tank volume*3 73L 45.5L
Panoramic roof Selectable as an option