Motorola Mobility Launches Motorola DEFY™+ in the UAE
Motorola Mobility Launches Motorola DEFY™+ in the UAE

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – March 19, 2012 – Live life to the fullest with Motorola DEFY+ from Motorola Mobility. Building on the Motorola DEFY’s life proof qualities, Motorola DEFY+ offers exceptional protection from whatever life throws your way with its water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof design. Motorola DEFY+ is available now from selected major phone retailers in the UAE.

In addition, Motorola DEFY+ has a 1GHz processor that runs 25 percent faster and is more fun with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) delivering a smarter operating system and better battery life to fully enjoy your experiences.

“With smartphones firmly established as essential, multi-purposing digital hubs, Middle Eastern consumers are looking for a handset that is not only capable of delivering a comprehensive range of entertainment and enterprise functionalities, but is also able to effectively withstand every-day wear and tear,” said Raed Hafez, Managing Director for Motorola Mobility, Middle East & Africa.

“Motorola DEFY+ takes its predecessor to the next level with better software, faster processing speed and more entertainment options, delivering the endurance and design strength needed to keep up with even the most demanding lifestyles.”

Water resistant, dust proof, and featuring scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Motorola DEFY+ can survive a sudden rain shower, a day on the beach, an all-night party – or even a tough workout with the pre-loaded CardioTrainer application, which transforms the device into the perfect running mate. Its brilliant 3.7-inch high-resolution touch-screen display enables you to easily view and track your work out progress. Wherever your days – or nights – take you, Motorola DEFY+ can keep up with your toughest demands and wildest adventures.

Motorola DEFY+ is faster than ever, keeping up with your on-the-go lifestyles so you can effortlessly browse the Web, stay updated with social networking sites on your home screens and stream and download rich media content more quickly than before. Motorola DEFY+ offers an Adobe® Flash® 10-enabled browser for a rich web experience that allows users to watch their favourite movies or view videos on the Web.

Powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Motorola DEFY+ is smarter than ever. Motorola DEFY+ boasts a better battery life that the original Motorola DEFY™1, a more intuitive user interface and improvements on the features you use most – including enhanced calendar, email features and home screen options. Users can make Motorola DEFY+ their own by organizing and personalizing their application trays for easy and quick access to their most used tools, games and content.

Boredom proof your life; the richest experiences in entertainment and social media are always within reach with Motorola DEFY+. The Music Player lets you access and share your favourite music. You can also synch your favourite music straight from your desktops at home or work, with Motorola Media Link. Motorola DEFY+ also features Google Talk to keep you connected with friends and colleagues, while built in apps like the Zinio e-magazine service allow you to keep up with favourite publications on-the-go. Entertainment doesn’t stop there: Motorola DEFY+ also features a 5-megapixel camera with flash, digital zoom and auto focus, letting users capture the best of their social life and create their very own entertainment whatever the conditions.

Smart Accessories

A suite of smart accessories ensures users get the most from the Motorola DEFY+. Available accessories include Vehicle Dock, Bluetooth®2 Headset, Bluetooth Car Kit and Car Charger (accessories sold separately).

Key Features and Specifications:

● Powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and features more than 450,000 apps and games from Google Play

● 1GHz processor that runs 25 percent faster for efficient Web browsing and multitasking

● Water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof to withstand all that life throws your way

● Features scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass

● 3.7-inch high-resolution touch screen display

● Music Player connects you to all your favourite artists

● MOTOBLUR™ lets users stay in touch with friends, providing quick access to social media accounts and live widgets directly from the home screen

● Loaded with the ability to create group emails and communication to stay in touch with friends

● Adobe® Flash® Player 10 for uncompromised viewing of applications, content and videos

● 5MP camera with auto focus, flash and digital zoom

● 2GB internal3; 2GB microSD card in box, expandable up to 32GB

● Access to Google Mobile™ Services (Google Maps™ 5.0 with Navigation, Google Talk, browsing)

● 1700 mAH battery1 for 7.1 hours of talk time and 16 days in standby


Motorola DEFY+ is expected to be available from selected leading UAE mobile phone retailers.