Lexus Officially Unveils LF-CC (Coupe Concept)
Lexus Officially Unveils LF-CC (Coupe Concept)
Lexus Officially Unveils LF-CC (Coupe Concept)
Lexus Officially Unveils LF-CC (Coupe Concept)

Sept 28, 2012–Paris,France (Techreleased) –Lexus revealed its LF-CC coupe concept overnight at the Paris International Motor Show.
Speaking of the reveal, Lexus Australia Chief Executive Tony Cramb said the concept solidified Lexus’ position as the leading manufacturer of luxury hybrid vehicles.

“Not only does the LF-CC cement Lexus’ position as the luxury market’s leading hybrid vehicle innovator, it makes hybrid even more desirable,” Mr Cramb said.

“In the coming years Lexus will launch a new array of hybrids that will cater for a wider array of customers and LF-CC is just a taste of things to come.”

During his speech at the reveal, Kiyotaka Ise, President of Lexus International said: “The LF-CC shows a further evolution of our Lexus design language in a realistic yet innovative way.

“At the front, you see the boldest-yet interpretation of our spindle grille. The headlamp design features unique triple LED-projectors with daytime running lights integrated into the upper bumper to complete a highly distinctive front appearance.

“Looking at LF-CC side on, the sleek profile conveys superior aerodynamic performance while also highlighting traction, agility and dynamic road presence.

“At the rear, the full-width bumper flows into the rear wheel arches, emphasising LF-CC’s broad, powerful stance.

“Inside the cabin, we created a highly-focused environment featuring innovative ways for the driver to interact with the vehicle – for instance, using touch displays for remote control operations.

“The LF-CC is equipped with our full hybrid powertrain, featuring a brand new four-cylinder, 2.5-litre petrol engine with D4-S injection technology.

“Combining dynamic performance with low emissions this powertrain will achieve class-leading energy efficiency, with more than two horsepower produced per gram of CO2. On the LF-CC this means CO2 emissions below 100g/km – that’s lower than any petrol or diesel engine of comparable output.

“This engine will be introduced very soon in the Lexus line-up.

“The design direction inspired by LF-CC will be applied to future Lexus vehicles in the D-premium segment and you won’t have to wait very long before seeing the first production vehicle.

“Moreover, we can also confirm that Lexus is developing a rear-wheel-drive mid-size coupe, to be launched in the near future.

“Lexus aims to become an inspirational and exciting global premium brand and we see a bold future in Europe.

“Thanks for joining us today we’d be delighted to see you again during the press days here in Paris to answer your questions and hear your opinions.”