Kia Reports 14.7% YoY Increase in Global Sales in February 2023

Kia Corporation, the South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer, has reported a 14.7 percent year-on-year increase in global sales for February 2023. The company sold a total of 254,027 units during the month, with the Sportage SUV being its most popular model.

The sales figure includes sales in the Korean market as well as those outside Korea, with the former recording a 26.9 percent YoY increase. The Korean market accounted for 50,016 units, with the Carnival MPV leading the company’s passenger vehicle sales with a sales record of 6,039 units.

Meanwhile, the Sportage SUV was the most popular model in the company’s overseas sales, with a record 32,256 units sold. The overseas sales accounted for 203,708 units, marking a 12.0 percent YoY increase.

Kia Corporation has been focusing on expanding its electric vehicle (EV) lineup and transitioning into a sustainable mobility solutions provider. The company aims to achieve global sales of 3.2 million units in 2023, with a focus on the sales of competitive new models such as the all-electric large SUV EV9.

Kia’s EV6 has been performing well, having been recognized as the 2023 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year in January. The company plans to build on this momentum with the introduction of the EV9, its all-electric large SUV due for its global debut later this month. The EV9 aims to provide an unparalleled EV experience that aims to revolutionize the EV market with its strikingly contemporary exterior and interior design, over-the-air (OTA) update services, and level three autonomous driving capabilities.

Kia has also been addressing the ongoing parts supply shortage, which has been affecting the entire automotive industry. The company expects the situation to improve gradually in 2023 and aims to expand production, launch new competitive vehicles, and enhance profitability.

The company’s strong performance in key regions and countries, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India, has contributed to its overall growth. Kia’s Sportage SUV, Seltos SUV, and K3 have been popular models in these regions.