Iveco at JIMS 2013
Iveco at JIMS 2013

Iveco At The 2013 Johannesburg International Motor Show – Nov 21, 2013–Johannesburg, South Africa (Techreleased) – Iveco presents the new stars of its Extra-Heavy, Heavy and Medium ranges, along with highlights from its Iveco Astra and Iveco Bus brands at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013 (JIMS). The eleven-day biennial tradeshow is a comprehensive automotive exhibition and automotive lifestyle event held at the Johannesburg Expo Centre from October 16th to 27th with an estimated turnout of 275,000 visitors.

Iveco at JIMS 2013
Iveco at JIMS 2013

Iveco participates at JIMS 2013 with a 400-square-metre indoor stand located in the Roy-A01/A02 area and a 775-square-metre stand located in the outdoor area. The indoor stand hosts a series of launches for the local African market with focus placed on the arrival of the latest Extra-Heavy range vehicles: the new Stralis Hi-Way and the new Trakker. The Heavy duty Eurocargo also has its preview in Johannesburg, ahead of its official launch scheduled for next year here in South Africa.

The following vehicles are exhibited in the indoor area: the new Stralis Hi-Way Euro V; a new Trakker with a Hi Land 6×4 cab; a new Trakker with a Hi Land 6×4 rigid cab; a new Euro III Eurocargo for the African market; a current 14-tonne Eurocargo; a 65-seater front engine bus; a Daily 4×4 with a chassis cab; a Daily Euro IV luxury Minibus; and a Daily Euro IV panel van.

In addition to product highlights, the Iveco stand also features an area dedicated to FPT Industrial Cursor and Tector engine technology. A 4×4 area dedicated to the Daily4Africa experience showcases two 4×4 Daily vehicles that recently completed a 12,000 km road safety campaign journey across southern Africa. Two 4×4 instructors are present in this area to take visitors on a tour of the stand and promote Iveco’s road safety initiative in collaboration with the FIA’s (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) Action for Road Safety Campaign. The Daily4Africa 4×4 vehicles are also accompanied by professional drivers to take visitors on a tour of the outdoor 4×4 area.

Iveco’s aftersales and financing services are also represented on the stand for JIMS 2013’s visitors to learn more about the various services and product assistance packages, original spare parts and accessories offered for the entire product line-up. All Iveco aftersales and financing services are continuously improved to ensure that customers benefit from unparalleled technical and financial assistance starting from the moment of purchase throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle. A ‘Become Our Dealer’ info desk and merchandise shop complete Iveco’s offering on the indoor stand.

The Iveco vehicle line-up at JIMS 2013

From long haul missions to quarry and construction work as well as the collective transport of people, Iveco’s comprehensive product portfolio exhibited at JIMS 2013 provides mobility solutions for the most varied of transport operators and sectors. The launch of the new Stralis Hi-Way sets the stage, followed by the heavy duty off-road new Trakker, the medium duty Eurocargo, the lightweight Daily and customised vehicles from Iveco Astra and Iveco Bus.

Stralis Hi-Way: up to 4% in TCO savings with enhanced design, telematics, comfort and safety features

Iveco’s flagship heavy duty truck and winner of the prestigious “International Truck of the Year 2013” award at the IAA Motor Show – the new Stralis Hi-Way is built to respond to the demands of today’s long haul, heavy transport professionals. This vehicle is a particularly competitive choice for transport applications combined with significant advantages in terms of weight, fuel consumption, lowered maintenance costs and enhanced reliability and quality.
The new Stralis Hi-Way is equipped with the powerful Cursor 13 engine from FPT Industrial with 350 to 500 HP and 2,300 Nm. This engine guarantees both low fuel consumption and excellent performance with in-line six-cylinder architecture.

With the new Stralis Hi-Way, Iveco reinforces its customer-oriented strategy starting with a reduction of up to 4% in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). This figure is guaranteed for a Stralis Hi-Way tractor unit performing long haul international missions that average 130,000 kilometres per year with a holding period of 48 months. The vehicle also combines superior product quality with a range of integrated services which include programmed assistance, fleet management and driver training for cost-efficient operating. Excellent fuel efficiency builds on the existing Ecostralis technologies applied to the previous range, allowing for up to 10% in fuel savings. The highly innovative engine technology featuring the patented FPT Industrial SCR system meets Euro V regulations without compromising fuel efficiency.

The new Stralis cabins are designed with the primary aim of reducing drag coefficient (Cx) which has been improved by 3%, thus providing better aerodynamics, making the interior cabin quieter and delivering a significant fuel advantage on long haul missions for the operator. The cabin exterior is further developed through new design elements that render its unique style even more distinctive. The new front end is characterised by a central grille and redesigned air deflectors, a new sun visor with LED lights, optimised bumper design, light assemblies equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights and BiXenon headlights as optional.

The Stralis cabin range is available in two widths: the premium Hi-Way cab (2,500 mm), designed to ensure maximum comfort on long haul missions for either single or two-man crews, available in high and low-roof sleeper cab versions; and the medium cab (2,300 mm) available as a Hi-Road sleeper cab with a choice of medium, high and low-roof configurations, or as a Hi-Street day cab, low-roof version. Each of these cabins has been re-designed around the driver, delivering exceptional ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment to promote an optimal working environment with a focus on maximising productivity.

The new Stralis Hi-Way also incorporates advanced and easy-to-use control devices particularly, with the exclusive IVECONNECT system in the new Stralis 500 HP Euro V version on display at JIMS 2013 with a 7’’ touchscreen that allows drivers to manage infotainment, navigation, driving support tools and advanced fleet management services in an easy and intuitive manner.

In terms of safety, the driver of a Stralis can rely on advanced and efficient safety systems that are essential for protecting the driver, the vehicle and its cargo ensuring a safe drive for operators and rendering their work more relaxing and productive.

Numerous safety systems are available on the vehicle such as the EBS (Electronic Braking System) which now has the Brake Assistant function, for even more rapid and effective braking; the ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), Hill Holder and the Lane Departure Warning System, a system that warns the driver when the vehicle crosses the lines of a traffic lane without having activated the lane change indicators. Optional Xenon headlights increase the driver’s field of vision and improve lighting quality while the Daytime Running Lights guarantee maximum visibility of the vehicle.

All of the aspects related to the manufacturing quality control process have increased by 40% for this Stralis Hi-Way model compared to its predecessor. The new functions, materials and development processes have been subjected to the strictest quality controls, which have been extended to the creation of experimental fleets where numerous reliability tests were conducted. These tests include six million kilometres of driving in severe road and weather conditions, to verify the vehicle’s endurance, and 11 million kilometres of road-reliability testing under normal load and driving conditions, some of which was performed directly by Iveco customers.

Trakker: a redesigned cabin together with improved comfort, efficiency and value, even off-road

Reliability, efficiency, robustness and safety: these are the characteristics that make the new Trakker the ideal solution for performing the toughest tasks on a daily basis on challenging and uneven terrain. Iveco’s signature off-road heavy vehicle is built to withstand constant stress and provide an incredibly powerful performance and low Total Cost of Ownership while increasing productivity and offering the comfort of a road vehicle for off-road and construction site missions.

The new Trakker on display at JIMS 2013 is equipped with a Cursor 13 Euro III engine which ensures power and resistance for a vehicle that is required to work at top capacity, 365 days a year. The Cursor 13 is available in 380 and 420 HP versions with a fixed geometry turbocharger with waste-gate and a 440 HP version with a variable geometry turbocharger. The vehicle is also equipped with an Intarder to further reduce the consumption of friction material by the brakes.

The most important innovation for the new Trakker is the renewed cabin, which enhances on-board life and shares the same solutions present in the heavy-duty Stralis Hi-Street and Hi-Road cabins. The model offers two cabin options: the Hi-Land short cab with low roof and the Hi-Track long cab which is designed for overnight missions and is available with a low or high roof. The cabins have been entirely redesigned with mass-coloured, top quality plastics, anti-scratch treatments and a highly ergonomic dashboard. All button and switch controls are easily visible and accessible from the driver’s seat.

The vehicle’s strength starts from the steel chassis with a high yield limit followed by each individual component, which guarantees lasting performance over time and use. The available ZF gearboxes emphasise ergonomics via the 16-speed Ecosplit gearboxes, which are equipped with a servo-shift system for safer, more comfortable driving and the automatic 16-speed gearboxes which also provide a more comfortable drive with a gear selector built into the steering column stalk.

Daily: the light vehicle suitable for every job

Powerful, environmentally friendly, reliable, light and versatile to meet the varied demands of the transport sector, Iveco is exhibiting three Daily vehicles at JIMS 2013.

The new Daily is an undisputed star in the light-duty commercial vehicle segment thanks to its truck-style chassis frame, rear-wheel drive, Common Rail fuel injection, turbocharged Diesel engine, up to 17.2 m3 of loading space volume and 210 cm of interior height, 6-speed transmission and seven tonnes of maximum permitted mass.
The Daily also comes equipped with the most innovative engines on the market. The 50C15 minibus model commercialised for the local African market features a Euro IV engine with 150 HP and 170 HP versions.
Together with the engines are new technologies such as the Stop & Start functionality and the GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) system which both help drivers to improve their driving style while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10% compared with the previous Daily.

In terms of safety, the new Daily sees the introduction of the latest generation ESP 9 system which utilises active sensors, including ABS, EBD, ASR (traction control), MSR (over-run torque limitation), Hill Holder, LAC (Active Load Control), as well as new features such as the HFC (Hydraulic Brake Fade Control), RMI (Roll Movement Intervention), ROM (Roll Over Mitigation) and TSM (Selective braking enhancing vehicle and trailer dynamic stability) and Hydraulic Rear Wheel Boost (HRB) which increases rear-axle brake force when front-axle air brake system (ABS) activity is detected. All of these technologies significantly reduce the Daily’s braking distance, providing major road safety benefits.

Eurocargo: an ideal solution for any challenge

With its Heavy-duty Eurocargo, Iveco offers customers a flexible vehicle that can be customized with a variety of different combinations, thanks to over 11,000 product variants in the range and a vast selection of suspensions, axles and final drive ratios which are most suited for specific missions.

The Eurocargo is recognised as the most versatile range in its category, with seven gross vehicle weight variants (from 6 to 19 tonnes), five horsepower categories (from 180 to 280 HP), 13 gears (seven manual, three automated and three automatic), 4×2 and 4×4 drive, 13 wheel bases (from 2,790 to 6,570 mm) and three types of cabs with two roof heights.

The custom options for the Eurocargo range vary from bodies to tarpaulins, from isothermal trucks to three-sided tippers, from cisterns to shops on wheels, from loading platforms to aerial platforms to fire-fighting fittings as well as small concrete mixers and road sweepers. The flexibility and robust structure of the Eurocargo is further enhanced in the Tector engine range. The strength of Eurocargo’s Tector engines lies in their elasticity and torque values, which are high and constant for a broad range of revolutions to guarantee smooth driving, fewer gears, less engine wear and greater energy efficiency.

The Eurocargo proves itself ideal for urban missions and mixed routes and motorways, where it can manoeuvre with incredible ease. It can be equipped with three different cabin types: short (MLC), ideal for distribution and short routes; long with a low or high roof (MLL) for long haul and overnight missions; and double (MLD) for 6+ passengers.

Iveco Bus: collective passenger transport solutions from minibuses to high end coaches

Demonstrating its know-how in the collective passenger transport segment, Iveco Bus presents the new Daily Minibus and a 65-seater front engine bus.

The Daily Minibus range can be utilised for a wide range of missions and offers configurations for the transport of up to 23 passengers in five different versions, from urban to scholastic transportation to tourism. On-board comfort is a top priority with large side windows that ensure maximum natural light exposure and offer a panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes. The ergonomic driver’s area has also been further improved for the new model.
The ABS, ASR, and ESP systems come as standard, making the new Daily Minibus one of the safest vehicles in its category. Optional airbags for the driver and front passenger are also available as optional as well as a speed limiter and an electric brake.

A 65-seater front engine bus further demonstrates the Iveco Bus offering for the African market. The vehicle is powered by a Tector 5.8-litre Euro III engine with top performance, optimised fuel consumption, low environmental impact, long lasting reliability, and above all, outstanding driver and passenger comfort.

HD9: greater performance and a new cabin design

The specialist off-road, quarry and construction work vehicle brand, Iveco Astra, reconfirms its role as a global leader in its specialty with the new HD9 featuring greater performance levels and a new cabin. The 6×6 66.44 model on display possesses versatile, yet robust characteristics and countless customised options to satisfy all mission requirements, in any part of the world, for a variety of sectors such as special haulage and Oil & Gas transportation.

The newly designed HD9 cab is built out of processed steel with an aggressive design with a new grille layout that opens together with the connected front corner elements to allow for easy maintenance. The cabin interior has also been completely renovated in terms of functional elements and fitting to include solutions that improve the overall on-board experience. Access to the cab is made easier by the ideal spacing of the first two steps and the double vertical railing on both sides of the door, as well as the vehicle’s doors now being able to open by up to 90 degrees.
The strongest point on an Iveco Astra vehicle is the chassis built from special steel. Each chassis guarantees high resistance and elasticity levels thanks to two flat beams that run parallel to each other for the entire length with a C section (320 x 90 x 10mm) connected by crosspieces. Iveco Astra’s chassis is recognized as having the highest Rail Bending Moment (R.B.M.), renowned for its ability to transport heavy loads on all terrain conditions, reducing torsion stress and ensuring great stability even with very high centres of gravity.

The entire kinematic chain of the HD9 is designed to handle the most challenging missions thanks to the exceptional torque specifications available at different engine speeds, the 13-litre Cursor engines with electronically – controlled pump injectors and a double overhead camshaft which all guarantee the HD9 highly versatile on-road performance and exceptional braking power: essential features for construction site and quarry operations.
Iveco Astra also offers a wide range of mechanical gearboxes from those with Ecosplit 4 technology (ZF with 16 speeds) to automated Astronic 16-speed gearboxes and Allison automatic gearboxes, for maximum engine performance in terms of peak power and excellent traction on all terrain types.

Depending on the load, Iveco Astra offers the option to equip vehicles with front axles and motor axles bearing 8, 8.5 and 9-tonne loads. The brand also offers a reinforced version of the HD9 with a load bearing capacity of 10 tonnes on 6×6 motorized axle models. This version is designed for particularly tough applications, on shifting terrain such as sand or mud and can be configured for specific loads concentrated on the front axle such as tow systems, cranes or boring structures.