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Thin Client Technology

Aug 28, 2012–Palo  Alto,USA (Techreleased) –Hp helps doctors save time, ease HIPPA compliance with fast, secure access to patient files.HP today announced that its thin client technology is helping healthcare professionals reduce time-consuming logins when accessing patient files, saving them hours each day and giving them more patient face time.

HP now offers “single sign-on” capability with identity-management provider HealthCast to hospitals, care centers and other businesses where compliance regulations require secure sign-on every time a doctor or clinician views patient files on a computer.

HP thin clients provide secure desktop access for credentialed workers, and HealthCast’s unique QwickACCESS proximity badge offers an easy “tap-in, tap-out” functionality and remote access solutions with second-factor authentication. The solution also enables “roaming sessions,” allowing users immediate re-access to their work at any workstation.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance for patient privacy requires each clinician to have a unique session each time they access patient information, so each session can be audited. A session must be secured when medical professionals walk away from the computer so others can’t see patient information without proper authorization.

Medical professionals typically log in 30 to 100 times a day, which takes time away from patients. HP’s solution helps when minutes matter in evaluating and treating a patient. Whether in the emergency room, intensive-care unit or other critical-care units, the ability to access a patient’s information quickly can make the difference between life and death.

St. Luke’s Health System, serving the Kansas City, Mo., metropolitan area and surrounding region, is using the solution to increase staff productivity while ensuring the level of security required by law for patient data.

“The combination of HP Thin Clients and HealthCast’s QwickACCESS software provides us with a much easier, yet highly secure system for accessing HIPAA-protected data in a medical setting,” said Michael Kamer, technology integration and IT manager, St. Luke’s Heath System. “The process is saving doctors and other medical staff valuable time that can now be spent focused on patients.”

HP t410, HP t510 and HP t610 fit needs of healthcare industry

The HP t410 Smart Zero Client, the HP t410 Smart Zero All-in-one Client, and the HP t510 and HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Clients, combined with HealthCast QwickACCESS, provide fast, simple, secure access to remote desktops.

“With this ID-management software and the HP Thin Client solution, a medical professional can be assured of complying with strict patient data-protection laws, while the hospital gets the additional security and cost benefits that a virtualized desktop environment provides,” said Jeff Groudan, director, Thin Clients, HP. “The flexible and mobile solution also enables busy medical staff to pick up a session on any HP Thin Client device in the building.”

The Windows®- or Linux-based HP Thin Clients support all leading virtualization platforms, including Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View and Microsoft® Hyper-V (RDP). HP Smart Zero Technology automates connections and handles protocol provisioning and updates. In addition, IT managers can use Microsoft Embedded Device Manager 2011 to easily manage mixed environments of Windows-based HP Thin Clients and PCs.

The 2009 HITECH Act

The HP – HealthCast solution aligns with the goals of the 2009 HITECH Act, which provides up to $35 billion in stimulus funding to healthcare organizations to deploy electronic health records (EHR) to replace paper and make files more manageable. Healthcare centers can use the money to deploy server virtualization solutions, which help health providers adopt virtual desktops for greater efficiency and improved ease of use.

Pricing and availability

The HP t410 Smart Zero Client, the HP t410 Smart Zero All-in-one Client, and the HP t510 and HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Clients with HealthCast QwickACCESS are now available in North America. Pricing varies based on software and hardware options.