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Aug 28, 2012–Islandia,USA (Techreleased) –Broadcloud Delivers Flexible and Scalable Disaster Recovery Services Built on CA arcserve.CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA)  today announced that BroadCloud, a leading managed IT infrastructure provider, is using CA ARCserve® to provide comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) services to help customers ensure that data is secure and highly available.


BroadCloud provides managed hosting, managed services, co-location and high-value data management solutions that help customers address four key challenges: data resilience, business and technology alignment, transformation risks and compliance.

BroadCloud’s business is increasingly focused on public, hybrid and private cloud services, which are delivered from more than 60 data centers worldwide. The company provides specially designed private cloud services from high-security facilities that help customers comply with HIPAA, SOX, FISMAN and data protection regulations.

By building its disaster recovery services on CA ARCserve, BroadCloud has been able to:

• Meet service level agreements, which are critical to its reputation and customer satisfaction;
• Maximize efficiency, which enables the company to manage disaster recovery processes for hundreds of customers with just 40 engineers; and
• Meet customer needs around costs and compliance.

BroadCloud was using a range of tools from a number of suppliers to support its recovery management services, due to the diversity of the systems being protected and customer preferences. This time-consuming approach added to the company’s service management burden.

“With CA ARCserve, our disaster recovery processes are now fully automated and require minimal manual intervention,” said Brent Eubanks, executive vice president of Strategic Services at BroadCloud. “We can provision new customers with the level of recovery management they need very quickly. The ability to provide cost-effective and compliant recovery management services enhances our competitive advantage and helps us retain and attract customers from a range of industries.”

BroadCloud is using CA ARCserve to underpin its multi-tier recovery management and data resiliency services. The company protects several petabytes of data using the solutions, which enable simple centralized recovery management across its client base.

“CA ARCserve solutions enable us to back up and restore data from the cloud very easily,” said Eubanks. “They are ideal for those customer systems that need to be recovered within a few hours.”

To support more demanding customer workloads, such as email, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems, BroadCloud uses CA ARCserve® Replication and CA ARCserve® High Availability.

“With real-time replication and high availability clusters, we can fail over between data centers in minutes to ensure that customer systems suffer negligible downtime in the event of an incident,” said Eubanks.

“Service providers face especially challenging objectives when it comes to scalably, reliably and resource-efficiently protecting large volumes of distributed data,” said Steve Fairbanks, vice president, Data Management, CA Technologies.  “BroadCloud’s success highlights just how well-suited CA ARCserve is for these highly challenging environments—and how broadly applicable it is for all kinds of data protection needs.”