copper industry

Considered to be one of the most widely-used metals on planet Earth, copper has been used in various forms for thousands of years. Sharing certain physical attributes with gold and silver (for example, they can all conduct electricity), copper is a highly sought-after metal and, as such, its value generally increases over time.

copper industry

Are you considering what to invest your money in? Now is as good a time as ever to invest money in copper. Here’s why:

Copper is used in industry

When people talk about investing in some kind of metals, quite often you will find that they recommend you invest in gold, almost as if it’s fashionable in some way to invest in this particular metal!

Whilst people generally don’t walk around wearing copper wedding rings or earrings, copper is more of an industrial metal.

Without copper, you wouldn’t be able to operate anything that requires electricity (remember how I mentioned earlier that copper is a good conductor of electricity?), be protected from rain at home (copper is often used for roof flashing), or admire any architectural masterpieces such as New York’s Statue of Liberty!

Copper is used in all sorts of industries, ranging from manufacturing, construction, electrical and even the automotive industry.

Copper is important to the growth of the construction industry

In virtually any home, commercial and industrial building, you will find copper being used. For example, heating systems use copper pipes for their thermal properties, as well as the internal wiring for electrical sockets, switches and light fittings.

Without copper, it would be difficult to use many of the modern conveniences that we rely upon today, at least not without having to pay a higher price premium for alternative raw materials that could take the place of copper!

Demand for copper is growing

This popular metal is being increasingly relied upon to provide effective infrastructure for a number of industrial applications; you only have to read the Ausenco reviews website to find out more about where it’s used and what it’s used for!

Arguably one of the biggest consumers of copper is China, a country that consumes nearly half of the world’s copper annually. As the population in this region continues to grow, so too will the amount of copper that is consumed by it.

One of the main reasons why copper is so valuable these days is simply because demand is outstripping supply. According to statistics obtained by the ICSG (the International Copper Study Group), copper demand exceeded production by 421,000 metric tonnes back in 2012, and this is a figure that is set to increase each year.

Copper is great for portfolio diversification

The one thing that investors are generally taught is that they should never put all of their cash into a single investment. Hopefully you are investing in other commodities already such as property, stocks, and other metals, but you should definitely add copper to your investment portfolio to help enhance your investments and enjoy a better return.