HARMAN Receives FCC Approval to Deploy C-V2X Technologies in the US

HARMAN International, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate cellular-vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies on the 5.9 GHz band in the United States. The approval will allow HARMAN to provide its advanced C-V2X solutions to enhance roadway safety, relieve traffic congestion, and improve sustainability. HARMAN’s C-V2X solutions are among the most advanced in the industry, and the company aims to build safer roads and make transportation smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

According to Ram Iyer, Senior Vice President of Connectivity at HARMAN, the approval of HARMAN’s C-V2X solutions could not have come at a better time as nearly 43,000 fatalities occurred due to vehicle traffic crashes in the US last year. HARMAN, together with Samsung, is ready to address this tragic and preventable roadway epidemic with its high degree of product maturity, readiness, and scale.

The FCC’s decision to allow the deployment of C-V2X technologies now, prior to the adoption of final C-V2X rules, serves the public interest by advancing vehicular safety and promoting interoperability, as noted by the FCC in its decision. HARMAN and Samsung share a commitment to safety and protecting vulnerable road users through innovative products such as HARMAN Savari MECWAVE, an edge computing platform that offers an end-to-end solution for virtualized infrastructure and enables smarter, more connected experiences for roadway users and operators.

MECWAVE functions on the edge with ultra-low latency, accelerating the deployment of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, including safety-critical applications like hazard alerts to protect vulnerable road users, along with high-throughput connectivity experiences like interactive applications and video streaming. MECWAVE is complemented by two additional HARMAN Savari solutions:

  1. HARMAN Savari StreetWAVE roadside unit: This unit is a critical node for vehicular connectivity that leverages wireless technologies such as 5G or CBRS for backhaul and C-V2X technologies to enable a communication framework between infrastructure and vehicles.
  2. HARMAN Savari MobiWAVE wireless vehicular on-board unit: This unit combines existing telematics control units with V2X services to reduce traffic-related emergencies through functionalities including ASD, “Here I Am” device, and more.

HARMAN’s holistic, turn-key mobility solutions will have a tangible impact in improving the safety of drivers, passengers, and the world around them. By offering compelling mobility experiences at the leading edge of technology, HARMAN is delivering the future of transportation today.