GE Power Launches New Innovations At CIGRE 2018 Including Revolutionary HVDC Control System – Aug 28, 2018 – Paris, France (Techreleased) – The role of the grid is experiencing a pivotal change. GE Power’s Grid Solutions business (NYSE: GE) today unveiled product innovations at CIGRE 2018 to address customers’ needs to adapt to a more digitalized, decentralized and decarbonized energy landscape.

In the past, a simpler grid model transmitted electricity from large generation plants to end users. With carbon dioxide levels the highest they have ever been in 800,000 years, a modern grid is key to integrate renewable energy resources effectively as they are forecasted to represent two-thirds of global net electricity by 2050.

“The global energy landscape is undergoing a massive transformation. The grid of the future will require smarter, faster and more interoperable solutions to ensure resiliency, efficiency and security. That’s why our Grid Solutions team is focused on investing in and delivering new digital, automation and HVDC technologies to transform energy networks across the globe. Our new product innovations will help our customers not only navigate the ever-changing energy landscape, but also unleash the full potential of electric grids worldwide,” said Reinaldo Garcia, president and CEO of GE Power’s Grid Solutions business.

With GE’s hundred plus years of domain expertise and the power of digital integration, GE Power’s Grid Solutions business is playing a critical role in boosting efficiency throughout the energy value chain across the globe.

If you are attending CIGRE, visit GE’s stand #330 on the third floor of Palais des Congrès de Paris, France and contact us for on-site interviews with our industry experts. For daily updates, follow us at @GE_Power and the hashtag #CIGRE47.