Xperia Ear Duo

Endurance Runner Susie Chan Puts The Xperia Ear Duo Through Its Paces – Feb 09, 2019 – Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Whether you’ve made a vow to make 2019 your fittest year yet, or you’re pushing to beat your personal best, making the time to go for a run can be tricky, particularly when life gets busy.

Users of Xperia Ear Duo may already know that the wireless “open-ear” style earphones are the perfect running companion, offering a new listening experience while keeping you connected to the world around you. Simply hook the lightweight device around your ears and you’ll be able to pound the pavements as you enjoy your favourite playlist, make important calls or check out your schedule for the day.

But don’t just take our word for it. Endurance runner Susie Chan put the Ear Duo through its paces to test out all of the key features.

Susie wore the Ear Duo throughout her normal day-to-day life and took them out on one of her energy-sapping runs.

“I run six times a week, and with each run lasting between 45 minutes and three hours, it’s really important that I have a great pair of quality earphones,” Susie explains.

“The Dual Listening technology in the Ear Duo was great and particularly useful for outdoor runs. It was brilliant to be able to listen to music and still be able to hear the noise of the traffic to keep you safe, or listen to the morning birds.”

But how does this feature work exactly? The Spatial Acoustic Conductor allows the sound generated behind the ear by the unit’s driver to be transmitted directly into the ear. The design of the earphones includes a ring which, when inserted into your ear, opens up the canal to allow outside sounds to blend seamlessly with your music and notifications.

Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about going from a quiet park to a busy road. The Ear Duo’s clever technology will adjust the volume accordingly, so you can focus on pushing yourself through that final stretch!

“I was interested to see how the Dual Listening feature in the Ear Duo would work,” Susie said. “I was amazed to find that I could hear my surroundings, whether on a run listening to traffic or in a coffee shop listening to the murmur of customers. They are so versatile.”

Ear Duo’s advanced sensor allows you to answer or decline incoming calls by shaking or nodding your head, or skip through tracks until you find the song with the best beat. You can also control your music and volume by simply tapping and scrolling on the device.

So next time you hit the road, make the Ear Duo your running partner!