Electronic Warfare Equipment For RDAF TTT Helicopters
Electronic Warfare Equipment For RDAF TTT Helicopters

Oct 25, 2012– Berlin, USA  (Techreleased) – Terma and the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) recently signed a contract for upgrading the Electronic Warfare (EW) suite on the Air Force’ TTT Westland 101 Merlin helicopters (EH-101).

The EW upgrade program will be carried out during 2013 with delivery from Terma to DALO at the end of 2013.

The comprehensive system integration task involves the two Terma business areas Aerostructures and Defense & Security, where the EW equipment that has previously been delivered from Terma is being re-used.

This equipment includes the Terma developed and manufactured Electronic Warfare Management System ALQ-213, Tactical Threat Displays, Tactical Data Unit, and pods integrated with the Advanced Counter Measure Dispensers (ACMDS) and Missile Warning Sensors. Terma will deliver the complete system integration task including design, manufacturing, and final certification onto the EH-101 platform.

Terma has been involved in the EW architecture for the Danish EH-101 since the very beginning. Terma delivered the current EW installation back in 2003/04, when the helicopters were delivered to the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF).

RDAF has a total of 14 EH-101 helicopters. Eight are dedicated to Search & Rescue (SA) missions, while six are to be used for Tactical Troop Transport (TTT) tasks.