FREMM frigates program
FREMM frigates program

Oct 25, 2012– Paris, France  (Techreleased) – Terma has been contracted to supply an additional eight SCANTER 2001 radar systems for the FREMM frigates program.

In 2007/08, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and DCNS selected Terma to supply the SCANTER 2001 Navigation and Surveillance Radar to be fitted on the French Fregate Europeenne Multi-Missions (FREMM) Program.

Starting early 2008 Terma delivered two SCANTER 2001 radar systems in the newest version with 7′ antennas and SCANTER Tracking Unit for the initial seven vessels of the FREMM Program. A follow-on contract was signed in July 2012 for the following four vessels.

One of the radar systems will be utilized primarily for navigation and surveillance, whereas the purpose with the other radar system is to guide helicopters, specifically when landing on the frigates.

The SCANTER 2001 radars were selected because of their high-tech quality and performance. Terma has supplied the SCANTER 2001 to a number of international customers such as the UAE Navy Baynunah Missile Boats, the Singapore Delta Program the Swedish Visby Program, and the Danish Flexible Support Vessels.