Bosch's Remote Diagnostics Service Offers Quick and Efficient Vehicle Servicing Solutions

In today’s world, where technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, keeping up with the latest developments can be a daunting task. This is particularly true for multibrand workshops that are responsible for servicing a wide range of vehicles with different systems and technologies. Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, has developed a solution to this problem – its remote diagnostics service (RDS).

Bosch’s RDS offers a quick and efficient way for workshop mechanics to access help from Bosch’s experts who can remotely access the vehicle for diagnostic and servicing work. The service is especially useful for the latest vehicle models that may require the respective automakers’ original diagnostic equipment.

The RDS service can be accessed using the RDS 500 remote diagnostic device or the KTS 350, 560, and 590 modules. Mechanics first log on with their personal Bosch global Single Key ID and then request the service on the RDS customer portal or use the Bosch Esitronic workshop software to describe the problem and arrange an appointment for remote support. At the arranged time, an experienced Bosch expert contacts the mechanic and talks through the problem. If necessary, the Bosch Workshop Service Assist app can be used for direct communication by video. After that, the Bosch expert uses the connection via the RDS 500 or the KTS modules to directly access the vehicle and carry out the work remotely. This allows mechanics to carry out other servicing or repair work on the customer’s vehicle, improving overall efficiency.

The RDS service can be used to book tasks such as replacing multimedia and headlight modules, calibrating ADAS sensor and radar, parameterizing components, and calibrating the brake system. Additionally, the experienced Bosch experts can access the latest diagnostic technologies, ensuring that even the most complex vehicle systems can be serviced efficiently.

One of the main advantages of the RDS service is its clear price structure. Workshops that use the RDS 500 can access the remote diagnostics service as part of their subscription that comes with the remote diagnostic module. The subscription contains a certain number of credits for accessing RDS on a monthly or annual basis. With the new update, the RDS function is integrated into the KTS 350, 560, and 590 diagnostic modules, eliminating the need for a subscription. Workshops that use the KTS modules can pay separately for each service they consult remotely.

According to Stefan Schwenke, head of diagnostics at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, “The remote diagnostics service is part of Bosch’s strategy to provide workshops with the best possible support, no matter what challenges they may face. With the RDS service, workshops can access Bosch’s expertise and the latest diagnostic technologies quickly and efficiently, ensuring that their customers’ vehicles are serviced to the highest standards.”

The RDS service has already received positive feedback from workshops that have used it. One workshop owner, who requested anonymity, said, “The RDS service has been a game-changer for us. We can now service the latest vehicle models with confidence, knowing that we have access to Bosch’s expertise and the latest diagnostic technologies. The service is quick and efficient, and the clear price structure makes it easy for us to manage our costs.”

In conclusion, Bosch’s remote diagnostics service is a valuable tool for multibrand workshops that need to keep up with the fast-moving development of new and complex vehicle systems in order to efficiently service the latest vehicle models. By enlisting the help of experienced Bosch experts who can remotely access the vehicle for diagnostic and servicing work, mechanics can overcome the limitations of multibrand diagnostic devices and provide accurate and effective repairs for their customers. With a clear price structure and the option to use the service through a subscription or on a pay-per-use basis, the RDS is a flexible and cost-effective solution for workshops of all sizes. As technology continues to evolve, the RDS ensures that multibrand workshops can stay competitive and deliver high-quality services to their customers.