ZTE Launches Net Sphere Home Networking Solution – Sep 25, 2013– Shenzhen, China (Techreleased) – ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, today launched the Net SphereTM home networking solution.

zte-logoThe solution comprises multiple home networking terminals including a wireless router, portable APs and wireless PLC adapters to let users build high-quality home networks. The Net SphereTM solution also uses a wired extension, wireless expansion, a master/slave mode, and unified management, which allows Wi-Fi signals to penetrate walls. A wireless router is a core aspect of the solution, but it also includes APs and PLC adapters. The APs are configured and managed through the wireless router to enable easy installation and plug-and-play.

ZTE’s home networking product portfolio has unrivalled environmental credentials. Its individual products lead the industry in reducing energy consumption and the Net SphereTM total solution also can adjust Wi-Fi signals and save electricity through intelligent control to deliver a greener, healthier home network.

ZTE is a world-leading supplier of home networking products and offers three product families: PON ONTs, DSL & LAN CPE, and home networking devices. ZTE’s CPE products are the perennial industry leader in sales and shipments, and its ONUs/ONTs also command a leading market share. In 2013, ZTE launched a range of products, including wireless routers, portable APs and wireless PLC adapters, to help users build intelligent, green, wireless home networks.