Yamaha add four new models to the VXC series ceiling speaker lineup – Feb 10, 2015– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Yamaha has announced the addition of four new models to the VXC series ceiling speaker lineup for commercial installations. The VXC3F, VXC3FW, VXC5F, and VXC5FW feature a low profile and have been designed specifically for high-quality BGM playback.

VXC series FYamaha VXC series ceiling speakers are highly regarded for their excellent music reproduction quality as well as their clarity for announcements. The new “F models” deliver outstanding BGM reproduction quality that will be appreciated in restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, and other applications where background music is an essential feature. The depth of the back box has been reduced compared to the standard VXC4, VXC6, and VXC8 models, providing even greater installation freedom and flexibility. Like the standard types the “F models” support both low-impedance and high-impedance operation, and include a number of features that contribute to faster, safer installation.

Yamaha PA department manager Ken Hiraoka comments: “Our VXC series is already a popular choice for commercial installations around the globe, and now it gains four new ‘F models’: the VXC3F, VXC3FW, VXC5F, and VXC5FW. While inheriting the excellent sound quality of the standard models, the new versions feature a low profile for more flexible installation, allowing our customers to create high-quality sonic environments that will satisfy a wider range of individual needs.”