X-Ray Technology Approved for Inspection of F-35 Composite Parts – Sep 19, 2013– Grenaa, Denmark (Techreleased) – Terma Aerostructures A/S, the only Danish supplier of advanced aeronautical structural panels and components to Lockheed-Martin, had its digital X-ray equipment approved for inspection of composite parts for the Lockheed Martin F-35 deliveries.

digital X-ray equipment

After years of persistent test and documentation efforts, Terma Aerostructures recently received the Special Process Approval that allows the use of digital X-ray on Conventional Edges for F-35.

Digital X-ray inspection technology replaces traditional use of wet film. This change of technology will speed up the inspection process by a factor of 5-10 and provide the involved parties with identical digital pictures and evidence.

This is yet another example of how Terma benefits from years of involvement and investment in the F-35 program. In order to meet the high demand for affordability and timely delivery, it is mandatory for Terma to constantly optimize production processes and invest in new technology, says Jesper Freltoft, Director, Manufacturing Engineering.

Terma’s involvement in the F-35 Lightning II program since Denmark entered the program in 2002 comprises eight different production programs within advanced composite structural parts and electronics. To date, Terma’s aggregate order intake relative to the F-35 Lightning II program amounts to approx. USD 425 million.