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Why Mediocre AV Systems Negatively Affect Customer Experience

Why Mediocre AV Systems Negatively Affect Customer Experience

I remember going out to a local restaurant once for a meal out with my wife and a couple of our friends. There wasn’t any particularly special reason why the four of us went out together, it was just one of those nice things people randomly do sometimes.

Perhaps the main driver behind the decision was that none of us had anything better to do at the time, and were feeling too lazy to want to cook meals in our separate homes that evening, but I digress!

Mediocre AV Systems

A real-life example of how a bad AV system can affect customer experience

There is a local restaurant that we all sometimes go to, but on this particular occasion it looked like there was a change of management. “No big deal” I thought, hopefully the food will still be at a high quality as it always is. The four of us were busy talking to each other, catching up on various aspects of each other’s lives and generally having a fun and entertaining evening.

When we got our food, I was pleased to learn that everything still tasted as good as it always was, and so we all continued to eat and talk. There was one thing that was bugging me, and that was how poor quality the AV system was that the restaurant was using; well, it seems it was just an audio-only system, as the previous owners must have taken their old kit with them.

The restaurant manager decided to turn the volume up of the music he was playing, but it sounded really tinny and horrible, a bit like what music sounds like when you play it down a telephone!

I think the most annoying part of this “sound system” (and I use the term loosely) is that the CD they were playing kept skipping, but I don’t know if the new owners were hard of hearing or not because they seemed oblivious to the fact that there was this annoying, repetitive skipping going on in the background! It wasn’t until one of the other diners stopped one of the waiters in their tracks and demanded that they changed the CD did the annoying noise (and my headache) go!

Suffice it to say, the four of us agreed to go to another restaurant in future – partly because of the lax attitude of the new management, and partly because we didn’t want to end up going home with a bad customer experience still fresh in our minds.

Final thoughts

Sadly, not many people in the hospitality industry feel the need to focus on providing a decent AV system to enhance their customer’s experiences with them, but if you want to avoid problems like my example above, perhaps it is time you reviewed whether your AV system is still fit for purpose.

Companies such as Project Audio Visual Systems can advise you on how it “should” be done, and trust me, it will be the best investment you will ever make for your business!