The advent of the internet has opened up many exciting avenues to billions of people across the world. Where trading was once seen as a closed door to most people, it is noweasy for anyone to begin trading at the click of a button. Trading forex is no exception to this, so here are a few reasons why online forex trading platforms have become so popular.

forex trading platformsInstant Access

Before internet trading brokers became popular, the world of forex trading was far harder to access. It was mostly undertaken by large financial institutions and corporations, rather than individuals sat at a computer in their bedrooms. Therefore, it was seen as an occupation for the rich elite.

Online platforms are a recent innovation which have opened up the forex market to anyone who can access the internet, and provide the ability to start trading at a few clicks of a mouse. Therefore, they offer a quick way of delving into an exciting form of trading, and have allowed many to partake as a result.


Having been around for a number of years now, the creators of the forex trading platforms have had time to continually develop their product and optimise its ease of use. MetaTrader, for instance, was first released in 2005, and has since had four subsequent versions released, each with updates and improvements.

Good usability is an essential part of customer experience, from design and aesthetics to navigation, and forex trading platforms have vastly improved on this aspect of their product. They provide a smooth and effective service, which gives the trader everything they need to trade with ease and enjoyment.


Another major attraction of forex trading platforms is the amount of trading tools available to online forex traders. Having help with analysis and organisation of trades can make an enormous difference to an individual’s success and understanding of the market.

Platforms often offer tools like calculators and technical analysis reports, which create useful statistics when trading. Upcoming economic events are often tracked and put on a calendar to remind people of when a currency could be affected by them. This saves forex traders an incredible amount of time, and improves their overall experience of trading.

Make a Living

Online forex trading platforms have allowedthose select few who are good enough the chance to make forex trading their full-time job. Successful traders have been known to make significant profits, and are no doubt grateful for an opportunity which they may not have had without the existence of these platforms.

As hi-tech innovations, they have revolutionised the way in which trading is done, as well as provided a source of both primary and secondary income for people around the world.

Ultimately, forex trading platforms are a simple idea with many innovative and useful additions which make them stand out. There will undoubtedly be more platforms and developments to come in the near future, and they will continue to be used by and increasing number of people worldwide.