The BMW X3 is one of the best family cars in the market. The newest generation of this compact crossover is known for having ample space and a reliable all wheel drive system. It is excellent for long road trips as it offers a comfortable ride for everyone who is joining the adventure. Lots of motorists add a roof rack between the top rails to make the most out of the car. This frees up room for more passengers and cargo. Those who wish to do the same have plenty of options on the market. Before making a purchase, try to compare the following:

BMW X3 Roof RackPrice

Roof racks come in a wide range of prices. Items manufactured by known brands can be quite expensive, especially those made by the car manufacturer itself. People who will buy a dedicated X3 series roof rack are assured of proper fit and high quality. On the other hand, many will look at the prices and move on to look for more reasonably-priced alternatives. The good news is that there are plenty of relatively inexpensive yet dependable racks out there. It is up to the individual to decide which one is suitable for his needs.

Fit and Length

Check out the dimensions of the racks. A genuine BMW series roof rack will be cut to precision so it is easy to buy them off the shelf. Universal racks may vary in size and be a little different in design. Buyers must see to it that they are long enough to reach the rails from end to end, yet short enough so as not to extend beyond the body of the vehicle. Locks may be adjustable to fit the length of the rails. Read up on product reviews to see what others are saying about fit of the product. United BMW Online offers a wide selection of roof racks for your car.

Capacity and Durability

Roof racks can carry heavy loads but they do have a limit. Look for the stated capacity of each product to check whether they are suitable for the intended purpose. This is usually stated in terms of pounds. Car owners should not place loads which are more than this amount as doing so may result in bending or collapse. The strength of the racks will depend on the material used in their construction as well as their design. Two-bar racks are often capable of carrying over a hundred pounds securely. Check the durability of the product, including its resistance to corrosion.

Compatibility with Accessories

Most of the time, items can be placed inside a simple box or a large bag. This can then be secured using the rails. However, there are cases that call for better installations. Get a rack that is compatible with a host of accessories. These provide the ability to carry loads of all shapes and sizes on the roof of the vehicle. Examples are bike racks, canoe carriers, ski racks, roof baskets, and cargo boxes. These accessories make it possible to secure large items that would otherwise be tricky to place on the roof.


Article written by Nancy Piper.