When a person is said to suffer from a diffuse brain injury, they are suffering from an injury that occurs over a widespread area of their brain. As is the case with other types of brain injuries, it commonly occurs from a traumatic event in which the head is struck by, or strikes an object. Diffuse brain injuries are frequently found in injuries that are sustained from rapid acceleration or deceleration. Even if the head did not come in contact with anything, the tissues are damaged because different types of brain tissues are affected at different rates. Physical trauma, as well as other types of injuries, such as a stroke can also result in diffuse brain injuries.

Diffuse Brain InjuryThese injuries, (Diffuse), also known as multifocal injuries are caused by diseases such as meningitis, hypoxia, or damages to the blood vessels. Unlike some types of brain injuries, which can be detected by the use of imaging, they may be somewhat difficult to define or detect. Many times, the damage is considered to be microscopic. Injuries that are caused by rotational forces are a main cause of diffuse brain injuries. Common forces in a diffuse brain injury include concussions or diffuse axonal injuries.

Some of the contributors of a diffuse brain injury include an injury that causes widespread damage to some, or all of the white matter in the brain and is frequently caused by acceleration or deceleration injury types. An insufficient amount of blood flowing to the brain, and even though vascular injuries is also a diffuse brain injury, it usually causes death to the sufferer. The swelling that is usually present in certain types of traumatic brain injuries can cause an increase in the intracranial pressure, which in itself is considered to be dangerous as it can render the sufferer incapacitated for the duration of the illness.

Focal and diffuse brain injuries are commonly diagnosed together, but have some similarities. A focal injury includes an injury to the scalp, fracture to the skull, and contusions that are on the surface that is normally caused by objects that the head come in contact with. Diffuse brain injuries on the other hand, includes diffuse axonal injuries, meningitis, hypoxic-ischemic damages, or vascular injuries and are normally caused by forces of deceleration or acceleration.

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