Velocity Micro Announces the Availability of the MX3 mATX Chassis – Aug 21, 2014– Richmond, USA (Techreleased) – Velocity Micro, the premier builder of award winning enthusiast desktops, laptops, gaming PC s and peripherals announces the launch of the MX3 chassis, a custom designed mATX case that combines a compact design and modern aesthetics with the capacity for extreme power and record-breaking performance. Able to handle two extreme graphics cards like the NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti, a 240 mm liquid CPU radiator, and up to six hard drives, the MX3 is now the most power-capable and upgradable mATX chassis available in the custom PC industry. Configurations start at $1,099.

Velocity Micro MX3 mATX Chassis
Velocity Micro MX3 mATX Chassis

“This latest chassis is the culmination of nearly six months of research, design, and development,” said Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro. “We believe its unique combination of design, power capabilities, and outstanding thermals will make it extremely popular with our enthusiast audience. It’s a significant leap forward both for us and for the industry.”

Combined with Velocity Micro’s expert engineering, hand construction, and US-based support, the MX3 is the perfect case for the ultimate boutique desktop for 2014 and beyond. Features include:

  • Capable of handling any two extreme graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire
  • Up to 6 Hard Drives in a tool-less hard drive cage for quick and easy swapping
  • 240mm radiator, closed loop liquid cool capable for extreme overclocking of Devil’s Canyon unlocked CPUs
  • Superior cooling even on air – top and bottom fans pull air in and across vital components while dual side fans push warm air out
  • Dual USB 3.0 and audio ports on the top of the chassis for easy access no matter your desk orientation
  • Solid aluminum construction turns the case into a giant heat sink, pulling warm air away from vital components
  • Understated case lighting produces a distinctive appearance without being flashy or garish
  • Measures 15″ H x 19″ D x 7″ W

All Velocity Micro desktops are hand built and supported in the USA.