Nov 28, 2012– Central Texas, USA  (Techreleased) – McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White recently started using the VeinViewer®, medical technology that helps nurses and doctors “see” veins and arteries beneath the surface of the skin.

VeinViewer is the first and only medical device to use harmless near-infrared light and other technologies to make an image of the arteries and veins below the skin, and project them real-time onto the surface of the skin. The device “sees” hemoglobin in the bloodstream, and not the pigment of the skin surface.

VeinViewer is clinically proven to reduce the number of attempts to start an IV and the time it takes to start an IV by 50 percent.  “If you’ve ever been stuck by a needle more than once when a nurse or tech tries to find your vein, you will appreciate just how great an aid this device is,” says Dominic Lucia, MD, chief of emergency medicine at McLane Children’s Hospital. “This technology is great for children with small veins, dark skin, or other factors that make veins hard to detect. It is extremely helpful in a children’s hospital setting.”

The cost of this new equipment was covered by using a portion of the $103,000 raised by Waco Spanish-language radio station La Ley 104.1 FM in a benefit “radiothon” for  McLane Children’s this past summer.

“It’s a very simple device to implement,” explained Carolyn Jackson, RN, nurse director for McLane Children’s pediatric emergency medicine department. “You shine the light on the leg and the vein is projected real-time on the skin. And with an infant or small child, the help the VeinViewer provides is huge, especially when you need to start an IV as soon as possible.”

Vein Viewer provides a number of benefits to practitioners and patients, from easing the process during a pediatric blood draw to improving vascular access for a cancer patient. McLane Children’s will see improvement in vascular procedures, patient outcomes and cost savings. The VeinViewer can be used in the emergency medicine department, intensive care unit, oncology and for burn victims.