Vantage LED Announces An Industry First In LED Sign Protection
Vantage LED Announces An Industry First In LED Sign Protection

July 09, 2012 – Corona, USA  (Techreleased) – Leading the way in manufacturing innovative LED displays, Vantage LED has released an industry first advanced feature now available on all of their LED sign cabinets: Dragon Skin™ High Performance Coating.

“LED sign cabinets always seem to get scratched before they even get installed and powered up, so, natural progression lead us to find a ‘scratch-resistant’ coating of some sort,” stated Kyle Carnes, Design Integration Manager at Vantage LED. “We visited a local manufacturer of the material in CA and came up with a blend specifically for aluminum LED sign cabinets.”

LED sign cabinets are typically painted with a durable polyurethane paint, similar to the automotive finish on your car. Some manufacturers choose a more rugged finish like powder coating, like most utility poles. The commonality of these two applications is that they can be scratched. Over time they can crack as the weather changes or fade in the sun. Plus, during application, they release harmful elements into the atmosphere. Dragon Skin™ is an entirely different approach. It is a more versatile, rugged, environmentally safe and easy-to-use coating on LED sign cabinets.

Scratch-Resistant and Weather-Friendly.
Dragon Skin™ results in a highly scratch-resistant coating which is flexible and allows for the general expansion/shrinkage seen in metal cabinets over time/temperature which will often cause other coatings to crack leaving the metal exposed to the environment and damaging the finish.

The coating does not use Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) making it a safe and “green” alternative to typical paint applications. Not only does Vantage LED reduce the harmful elements from polyurethane paint from the factory into the atmosphere, but it’s one more step to support the Green Initiative by being environmentally responsible.

Aside from the resilience, strength, low cost of application, quick curing time and ease-of-use, the Dragon Skin™ coating will add longevity to your LED display cabinet and leave it looking better longer.

“We pride ourselves on innovation and setting the bar in this industry. It’s what sets Vantage LED and our dealer partners apart from other manufacturers.” Paul Martin, Director of Marketing.

Vantage LED is the fastest growing U.S. based manufacturer of superior LED displays. Supporting a competitive and successful dealer network in both the United States and internationally, Vantage LED has risen to be a formidable contender and loyal partner. The success and solid growth of Vantage LED is due to its unique ability to produce a highly reliable, technologically advanced product at a competitive price from its state-of-the-art Southern California manufacturing facility. For more information on Vantage LED or its superior product line please visit their website at

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