Ultimate Game Immersion With Msi Optix Mag Series Curved Gaming Monitors – Dec 11, 2018 – Taipei, Taiwan (Techreleased) – MSI, world’s leading manufacturer of true gaming hardware is proudly expanding the hardware possibilities for gamers. While dedicating on creating the most immersive gaming experience for gamers around the world, we discovered a missing piece – the Curved Gaming Monitors. Introducing the MSI brand new Optix MAG series – Optix MAG271CQR and Optix MAG321CQR.

Both of Optix MAG271CQR and MAG321CQR are equipped with the latest gaming feature to ensure a great immersion in gameplay. With 2560 x 1440 Resolution, curved VA panel of 1800R curve, 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, this gaming monitor is built for speed and great gaming visuals.


MSI Optix MAG use a curved display panel with curvature rate of 1500R (27 inch is 1800R) which is the most comfortable and suitable rate for either general computing or gaming. The curved panels also help with gameplay immersion, making you feel more connected to the entire experience. Moreover, seamless panoramic experience can be achieved by connecting multiple curved gaming monitors.


The MSI Optix MAG series are equipped with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time VA LED panel. It’s extremely beneficial for professional gamers, especial those who are involved with fast moving game genres. Games like fps, fighters, racing sims, real-time strategy and sports no longer look wacky since our monitor will be able to keep up with any FPS your graphic card produce.


You no longer have to reach your hand to the monitor to adjust the complicated display settings. MSI Optix MAG series comes with the Gaming OSD App that allows you to control your monitor display under a software window. Its super informative and intuitive design is perfect for those who are unfamiliar with display settings.


Gaming Echo is a vibrant RGB back light design that will glow and flash based on the audio signals coming from your computer. While you are listening to your favorite tracks or having an intense battle, Gaming Echo will always be there to spice up your experience. MSI Optix MAG series also has an incredibly convenient design for headphone users. Just press the button on the left side of the screen, the hidden headset hanger will bounce out for you to hang your precious headset.