Toyota Second Generation Prius NHW20
Toyota Second Generation Prius NHW20

Nov 14, 2012– Melbourne, Australia  (Techreleased) – As part of a worldwide campaign, Toyota Australia has announced a recall of its second generation Prius vehicles built between May 2003 and April 2009.

The recall is due to the possibility that the steering intermediate extension shaft may not have been adequately hardened at the time of production.

If this occurred, the steering shaft may become loose while driving under certain conditions. This includes forcefully turning the steering wheel to full lock while driving at a slow speed or sudden contact with road gutters.

In the worst case scenario, if motorists continue to drive under these conditions the steering shaft may eventually wear out, resulting in the loss of steering ability.

Three cases have been reported in Australia.

No accidents or injuries have been reported.

All affected vehicles will be inspected by an authorised Toyota dealer. If the steering shaft was not adequately hardened at the time of production, the dealer will replace the affected parts.

The inspection and any required repairs will take approximately one hour to complete and will be at no cost to the owner. Depending on the dealer’s work schedule however, the car may need to be available for a longer period of time.

A total of 12,710 vehicles are affected in Australia. Globally 2.76 million vehicles are impacted.

Toyota will commence a mail out to affected owners at their last known address from December 2012 asking them to make an appointment at their preferred Toyota dealer.

For further information about this recall, customers can call 1800 987 366.