July 13, 2012 – Sydney, Australia  (Techreleased) – A revolutionary concept car designed to ease traffic congestion by operating on land or water has won a prestigious automotive industry design award sponsored by Toyota.
The Amphi-X concept, created by Monash University industrial design graduate Beichan Nan, is a vision for the year 2030 that suggests future cars should not be limited to driving on roads.

Nan, 24, said the inspiration for the Amphi-X was a way to prevent traffic choking our cities.

The innovative amphibious concept features a “tunnel hull” design and four claw-like wheels that give it traction over a variety of surfaces.

In addition to operating as a regular car, the Amphi-X can become a water-borne vessel with the wheels acting as impellers. Faster speeds are achieved by using its rear water jet.

“Each wheel has its own motor, which can propel the vehicle on land or water,” Mr Nan said.

“The wheels feature a number of rubber ‘rollers’ which provide two key functions – firstly, they shrink in size in the water which creates less drag, and they also enable the wheel to move in more directions than simply longitudinally.

“This theoretically creates a drifting effect to the handling on land.”

Toyota Australia’s design chief Paul Beranger presented Mr Nan with the Toyota People’s Choice Award at the VACC’s Target 2030 Automotive Design Awards.

The victory for Mr Nan’s Amphi-X concept was the result of voting by the public when all entries were displayed in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

Mr Beranger, who is one of Australia’s most talented and experienced automotive designers, said Target 2030 was important in stimulating interest for working in the industry.

“Toyota’s enthusiasm for being involved with Target 2030 is part of the company’s commitment to developing the research and development skills and abilities of future generations.

“Through this competition we can promote the industry and encourage young people to consider pursuing a career within it, helping to create a viable Australian automotive industry for the long term.”

VACC executive director David Purchase said the new Toyota People’s Choice Award involved the public and its thoughts on the future of motoring.

“VACC is proud to create this unique opportunity for automotive industry professionals, students, parents, teachers and Government ministers to come together and support automotive careers,” Mr Purchase said.

“We are delighted that Toyota has become involved with Target 2030 in providing us with a member of the judging panel of the ilk of Paul Beranger, and as sponsors of this year’s awards.

“The People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Toyota, saw hundreds of visitors to Federation Square vote for their favourite student entry.

“This is the first time that we have invited the public to elect an Award winner and it was a great success.”