Feb 15, 2013– Tokyo, Japan  (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation  today announced that it has launched an LED driver for LED display and illumination equipment that can illuminate 8 RGB-LEDs with a single IC. Samples are available now and mass production is scheduled for March 2013.

The new product, TB62D612FTG, supports common anode LED control systems and is embedded with a 7-bit PWM gray controller and a 24ch constant-current driver. The constant-current circuit is divided into 3 blocks of 8chs. The electric current of each block can be configured individually by an external resistor, making it ideal for driving RGB-LEDs. Additionally, the address of the driver IC can be set with 3 ID terminals and up to 64 ICs can be controlled individually. PWM gray level and address selection is configured by an address control interface, supporting simpler wiring that saves space on the circuit board. A Toshiba developed circuit to counteract aerial discharge is used to improve noise characteristics.

Key Features

  • Supports 24ch × 40mA (maximum) high power current
  • Achieves simplified board wiring (Address-control, use of small package)
  • Able to individually control 64 ICs (max.) by ID configuration

Main Specifications

Part number TB62D612FTG
Process BiCD0.13-40V
Function 24ch constant-current LED driver
Power supply voltage Vcc=3.3V/5V
Constant-current range 5 to 40mA
Package P-WQFN36-0606-0.50-001
Sample price 150 Japanese Yen
Mass production schedule March 2013