Toshiba to Establish Washing Machine Plant In Indonesia
Toshiba to Establish Washing Machine Plant In Indonesia

Nov 02, 2012– Jakarta, Indonesia  (Techreleased) – P.T. Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia, a Jakarta-based subsidiary of Japan’s Toshiba Corporation, today celebrated the official opening of its new washing machine factory in the East Jakarta Industrial Park.

The new facility, a two-story building with a total floor area of 18,000 square meters, stands next to P.T. Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia’s LCD TV production plant. Production of twin-tub models will start next month and the plant is expected to have some 350 employees. Twin-tubs account for over 40% of washing machine demand in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and in Indonesia, demand is particularly strong, rising to 70%.

The Indonesian washing machine market is seeing rapid annual growth. In fiscal year 2011, it stood at approximately 2-million units and this year it is expected to grow by over 20%. By locating production in a high growth market, Toshiba is strengthening its production capabilities and promoting enhanced cost competitiveness at a time when Toshiba Group is taking its consumer products business to the global level. In line with this strategy, the new Indonesian plant will stand alongside Toshiba’s Chinese and Thai factories as a manufacturing base for products for export throughout Southeast Asian and to Japan and Middle East.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Shinichi Ito, President of P.T. Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia said, “This is an important day for all of us Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia, a further and big step forward on our path in Indonesia, as we expand our operations and start to manufacture a new product line.  Our company was established here in 1996, and today, our Bekasi plant is one of Toshiba’s key facilities for global production of LCD TVs, making products enjoyed by people here in Indonesia and in many other countries. In the last few years, a focus on innovation and local-fit products has allowed to boost our market share. We are now one of the leading brands in Indonesia, with over 20% of the market. We want to see our washing machines become as popular as our TVs.”

Mr. Fumio Otani, Toshiba’s Corporate Representative for Asia, added “I have been very impressed by Indonesia’s recent development. While the wider global market faces many uncertainties, this country has many strength: the world’s fourth largest population, plus an openness to business that is driving growth. Last year, per capita GDP reached 3,500 dollars, a key level that triggers increased consumption of consumer goods and brings a higher quality of life. We recognize Indonesia as one of our most important markets, and over the years since the open of our first office in Jakarta back in 1973, we have established a presence here, and we want to build on that. Our goal is to grow with Indonesia, to contribute to continued economic development with products and technologies, from washing machines to social infrastructure, that bring new and added value to people and to quality of life. ”

Mr. Toshiro Ishiwatari, the President and CEO of Toshiba Home Appliances Corporation concluded “We are operating this washing machine factory here in Indonesia, the biggest market in Southeast Asia, because this is a dynamic country where we expect to see big growth. With this new production base we can assure stable supply. More than that, we can develop and deliver “local-fit” products expressly designed to meet the needs of Indonesian consumers— washing machines with the functions, performance and appearance that people want. Toshiba Group companies are guided by the corporate slogan of “Committed to People, Committed to the Future” and the management of our global operations is grounded in respect for CSR, corporate social responsibility. That means that contributing to society is important to us. We hope to do that by developing this factory, supplying products that suit the lifestyles of Indonesian consumers, and by reaching out to the community. “