Toshiba TLP385
Toshiba TLP385

Toshiba Launches Low-height Package Transistor Output Photocoupler – Sep 02, 2014– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation  today announced the launch of a transistor output photocoupler in a low-height SO6L package, which can be used to replace conventional DIP4 pin package products. Shipment will start from today.

Toshiba TLP385
Toshiba TLP385

The new product “TLP385” has an isolation specification equivalent to DIP4 F (wide lead) type package products, and guarantees a creepage and clearance distance of 8mm (min), and isolation voltage of 5kVrms (min).

With its low height of 2.3mm (max), a 45% reduction from DIP4 type package products, the new “TLP385” can be used in situations where there are strict height restrictions, such as on motherboards, and contribute to the development of smaller sets. It can be used for applications including inverter interfaces and general-purpose power supplies.

Key Specifications of the New Products

Part Number TLP385
Current Transfer Ratio (CTR[Note]) 50 to 600%@IF=5mA, VCE=5V
Turn-off (tOFF) 40µs (typ.) @IF=16mA
Operating Temperature Range (Topr) -55 to 110˚C
Isolation Voltage (BVs) 5 kVrms
Safety Standard UL, cUL, VDE, CQC