Toshiba Launches Industry’s Lowest ON Resistance 8.5mΩ Load Switch ICs – Dec 05, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of load switch ICs embedded with reverse current blocking circuits[1] and thermal shutdown circuits[2] that offer an ON resistance of 8.5mΩ[3], the industry’s lowest[4]. The ICs are suited for use as power management switches in smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks™ and other mobile devices. Samples shipment starts from today with mass production scheduled for spring 2014.

TCK111G and TCK112G
TCK111G and TCK112G

The new products, TCK111G and TCK112G, achieve low ON resistance and low operating voltage in a 1.0mm × 1.5mm compact package by adopting Toshiba’s unique CMOS process and analog circuit design techniques. As smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks and other mobile devices require longer battery hours, lighter weight and smaller size, there is increasing demand for ultra-compact, low power consumption, low power dissipation switches.

Toshiba will increase its line-up of compact, high performance load switch IC to meet the requirements of the rapidly increasing mobile equipment market, with devices suitable for other markets also in the pipeline.


Power management switches for smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks and other mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Low ON resistance: 8.5mΩ
  • Wide voltage operation: 1.1 to 5.5V
  • Low standby current: 0.5µA[5]
  • Reverse current blocking circuit
  • Thermal shutdown circuit
  • Auto discharge[6]
  • Small package: WCSP6C (1.0mm × 1.5mm, t:0.5mm)

Outline of the New Products

Part Number Function
Inrush Current Reduction Reverse Current Blocking Thermal Shutdown Auto Discharge Control Pin Connection
TCK111G Pull-down (Active-High)



  • [1] A circuit that prevents flow of current towards the input pin when output pin voltage is larger than the input pin voltage.
  • [2] A circuit that prevents excessive heating and damage to the device caused by unintentional current and large load current, and also from increase in ambient temperature.
  • [3] Sample typical value under the conditions of Input voltage: 1.1V, Output current: -3.0A, room temperature.
  • [4] Silicon semiconductor CMOS IC devices under 1.5mm2 as of December 5, 2013. Toshiba survey.
  • [5] Sample typical value under the conditions of Input voltage: 5.5V, room temperature during standby.
  • [6] A function that quickly removes electric charge gathered in the elements connected to the output.
  • * Ultrabook™ is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.