Toshiba Launches Demodulator IC for China Digital Terrestrial and Digital Cable Broadcasts – May 31, 2013– Tokyo, Taiwan  (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has launched a demodulator IC for digital terrestrial broadcasts and digital cable broadcasts in the Chinese market. Samples are available now with mass production scheduled to start this summer.


The new demodulator IC, TC90518FTG, uses Toshiba’s original multipath1 cancelling technology and achieves industry-leading-class2 reception performance under long-delay multipath conditions of +/-300µsec. This makes it possible to realize stable reception in environments that may cause a long-delay multipath, such as in single frequency networks (SFN)3. The new product also achieves industry-leading2 low power consumption, 98mW (typ.), which can contribute to lower power consumption by the broadcasting equipment.

Main specifications

Part Number TC90518FTG
Supply Voltage Internal core: 1.1±0.1V, I/O block: 3.3±0.3V
Package VQFN64: 9mm × 9mm × 0.9mm
DTMB demodulation
  • Supports all 330 DTMB modes
  • Built-in multipath canceller
DVB-C demodulation
  • Auto detection of symbol rate, modulation format, spectrum polarity
  • Supports 0.5-7.5Mbaud symbol rate
  • Input: IQ baseband, low IF, standard IF
  • Output: serial and parallel MPEG-2 transport stream