Apr 08, 2013– Geneva, Switzerland  (Techreleased) – Today, security and operation management, passenger comfort and border control are key issues for airport operators and stakeholders. To face these airport security challenges, Thales offers a portfolio of integrated solutions:

Thales’s Security Solutions
Thales’s Security Solutions

For security and operation management, Thales has designed a new “System of Systems” approach, the Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC) that addresses the complexity of managing today’s airport environment. Suited to airport operators and all relevant stakeholders, the AOCC intelligent system manages integrated security supervision, crisis management system, health monitoring system, and provides real-time status monitoring with key performance indicators.

For passenger comfort, Thales has also designed the Boarding Pass Control System (BPCS), a reliable solution providing accurate control and a real-time monitoring of boarding passes in order to improve passenger flow through the airport. Integrated within the Thales AOCC framework, the BPCS offer allows airport services to provide quick boarding, customised passenger services and carry out efficient delay management.

In the border control domain, the e-Border management system provide states with an integrated solution for securing transit flow at their borders, confirming travellers’ identity and quickening the inspection process at border checkpoints.

These solutions can reduce illegal entry and overstay, improve immigration management and can also help the fight against terrorism. Thales provides a secure authentication solution, Thales’s Border Crossing Solution (TBCS) that verifies identity at border checkpoints and within the nation state at designated immigration offices, and can interface with the Airport Operation Control Center.

Innovation: a response to the complexity of the issues facing airport operators

Thales maintains a constant research effort in all areas which enables the Group to provide customers with the capabilities they need and to remain at the forefront of innovation. Since 2012, Thales has lead PITAGORA (Piattaforma IntegraTA per la Gestione delle OpeRazioni Aeroportuali / Integrated platform for the management of airport operations) a research and development project in the Tuscany Region, Italy, which is being developed in collaboration with a consortium of Tuscan Universities and SMEs. The project focuses on innovative technologies and processes for Airport management, with the objective of improving existing integration platforms in terms of modularity, expandability, security and collaboration, as well as energy efficiency. The project aims to allow airport operators to provide new and better services, which in turn will guarantee a better travel experience for passengers.