Thales’s Commander Training System enters service in French Army – Dec 02, 2013– Mailly-le-Camp, France (Techreleased) – At an inauguration ceremony, Thales has announced the entry into service of a new-generation Commander Training System for the French Army. The OPOSIA system was ordered by the Direction générale de l’armement (DGA – French defence procurement agency) in order to enable training for combined-arms task forces.

Thales’s Commander Training System
Thales’s Commander Training System

Deployed at the French Army’s CENTAC combat training centre in Mailly-le-Camp (France), it will be used to instruct and train commanders of company-level combined-arms task forces, as well as section and platoon leaders. It can be coupled with the “live” training on the CENTAURE system, also provided by Thales thanks to a contract with DGA.

The new Commander Training System can be used to simultaneously train three digitised task force commanders, their subordinates (section and platoon leaders) and leaders of support units (engineering, artillery, logistics). This makes it possible to train up to 45 people taking part in one or more exercises in a virtual theatre of operations.

Based on tactical simulation software developed by Thales, the new system immerses personnel in a highly realistic virtual 3D universe (terrain features, weather conditions, weapon systems, allied and opposing force deployment doctrines). For added realism, personnel use their own operational communication and information systems for the exercises. Artificial intelligence techniques specifically developed for tactical applications minimise the number of instructors needed.

As well as reproducing current training and deployment areas, support tools are available to rapidly upload other terrains, thus guaranteeing the consistency of the system with evolving operational requirements.

This commander training system is a key component in Army personnel training that ensures the effective coordination of support units in the field, enabling unit commanders, section leaders and platoon leaders to develop and apply their tactical reasoning skills on combined-arms missions.

It is the latest addition to a range of systems developed by Thales covering individual, collective, command-level and live training.