Thales delivers e-passport management system in Uzbekistan – Jun 06, 2013– Neuilly-sur-Seine, France  (Techreleased) – Thales, in cooperation with the prime contractor Oberthur Technologies, has delivered a complete biometric e-passport issuance and control solution for the Republic of Uzbekistan, marking the new system’s entry into operational service throughout the country.

Thales e-passport management system
Thales e-passport management system

In 2010, Thales was selected by Oberthur Technologies to deliver the e-passport system for the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Finance.

To meet the requirements, Thales has supplied 411 biometric data acquisition stations at locations throughout Uzbekistan and at its embassies around the world. The Group is also responsible for the centralised system that monitors passport applications and manages passport issuance. The border control system is in place at 56 border posts.

“Our partnership with Oberthur Technologies has been a real success because it has enabled us to combine our complementary technologies and commercial coverage to provide Uzbekistan with a complete, turnkey solution for the management of secure identity documents. The contract is also a key reference in the border control market,” commented Dominique Gaiardo, Vice President in charge of Thales’s Protection Systems business.

Thales e-passport management system

Thales is one of Europe’s leading players in the security market. The Group’s unique experience in key technological building blocks (sensors, networks and secure information systems) positions it as a global leader in complex value-added systems and services. Thales offers intelligent, fully integrated security solutions to protect the personal data of citizens.

Identity management systems play a major role in a country’s economic and social development. They help simplify relationships between administrations and the citizens they serve, providing easier access to elections, employment and social services.

Thales documents and operational control systems are in service in over 25 countries. More than 250 million secure identity documents have been produced by Thales systems.

The French market leader in civil biometric systems

Thales has assisted the French government in the production of national identity cards for over 17 years. In 2010, Thales signed a contract with the French Ministry of the Interior to deploy a biometric enrolment and data transmission system to handle Schengen visa applications in several countries. In 2009, Thales was selected by the French Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Immigration to design and deliver the Grégoire national biometric system, which incorporates the biometric functions required to manage the residency status of foreign nationals.

Thales is also a long-standing supplier of identity management systems, biometric systems and secure documents around the world.

The company has supplied 20 million electronic identity cards to Morocco, which recently renewed the contract for a further 5 million cards annually.

In Kenya, Thales has been selected by the Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons to supply 2 million secure national identity cards and support the upgrade of the identification system.

In Cameroon, Thales has supplied and installed a system to produce and manage national identity cards, refugee cards and residence permits for foreign nationals.