ET2 Embedded Tracker
ET2 Embedded Tracker
ET2 Embedded Tracker
ET2 Embedded Tracker

Aug 31, 2012–Aarhus,Denmark (Techreleased) –Terma introduces ET2 embedded tracker.Ideally, a radar target tracker shall acquire all targets within radar coverage and maintain tracks on these in a fully automatic fashion.

This relieves radar operators of strenuous observation of displays and gives radar users a complete situational awareness view, also when observing small targets under adverse weather and sea conditions.

Terma has spent several years combining modern tracking theory with own modeling efforts and an extensive trials program to be able to deliver a target tracker, which in combination with Terma’s SCANTER 5000 series of radar sensors, will fulfill this expectation.

Therefore Terma proudly introduces the ET2 Embedded Tracker for the SCANTER 5000 series of radar sensors for Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and coastal surveillance applications. Releases for SCANTER 4000 and 6000 series as well as the SCANTER Ground Surveillance radar will follow.

The new ET2 tracker is a knowledge-based embedded tracker with Interacting Multiple Models kinematic estimator. The latest research on plot-to-track association and tracking algorithms has been applied resulting in a number of unique features, e.g.:

  • excellent ability to handle complex situations with many targets (up to 500)
  • excellent ability to track small targets in presence of clutter
  • low number of false tracks
  • high ability to track objects which perform evasive maneuvering
  • very reliable track data that can be integrated easily in control center displays
  • easy set-up with few parameters and no clutter zones
  • automatic land/sea discrimination
  • auto-adaption to inhomogeneous clutter environments
  •  seamless integration with radar transceiver operation

The ET2 Embedded Tracker is tailor-made for a number of radar applications, such as:

  • surveillance and monitoring of vessel traffic by VTS Control Centers,
  • provision of surveillance data to shore-based law-enforcing authorities (coast guards and harbor police)
  • coastal surveillance of small targets under adverse conditions with the purpose of protecting people and infrastructure against i.e. illegal activities
  • monitoring and interception of smuggling of drugs, illegal immigrants etc.

The ET2 Embedded Tracker includes the following features:

  • plot extraction takes place in hardware, integrated into the radar sensor
  • probabilistic and knowledge-based Plot-to-Track Association
  • interactive Multiple Model target estimator with extended Kalman filters
  • adaptive track/plot association based on target history
  • adaptive clutter density estimation
  • easy integration in control centers etc. through network interface for data, control, and monitoring

Terma delivers the promise by securing a very high coverage of tracks of wanted targets, thereby giving an excellent situational awareness which in turn enhances the general safety and security provided by the radar system.