We all use technology in our daily lives and it’s thought that soon, virtual meetings will replace face to face ones. Whether you use Skype, online chat services or audio conferencing services to conduct business, there’s no denying that this means you need to keep your technology updated. With the latest audio, web and video conferencing services, you can keep in touch with your business colleagues and partners from across the globe with no need to pay for expensive flights.

 audio conferencing

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is a great way to hold a meeting over the phone – with some software you can have up to 99 participants listening in and contributing to the call. Audio conferencing phones and systems are easy to set up and use for smaller meetings, but if you’re going to be using audio conferencing on a regular basis with larger numbers of staff, then investing in an audio conferencing service which you pay for monthly or annually is your best bet. Audio conferencing can be used occasionally, for example to hold meetings when staff are unable to make it to the office, or on a regular basis, for example to catch up with remote working staff or those in offices overseas. Some software even operates a greeting service, so you can audio conference for important business meetings and seem even more professional!

Web Conferencing

You might be wondering what the difference is between audio conferencing and web conferencing. Web conferencing is ideal for meetings or discussions where visual aids may be needed. It’s sort of like an online chat room where documents, presentations and screens can be shared. Of course, the environment is totally secure, and there are plenty of different types of web conferencing services to choose from to suit your needs and budget. This is a great way to hold a team meeting or allow staff members to present to a group, and is ideal if you don’t need the face to face contact you’ll experience with video conferencing.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to keep costs down – instead of travelling miles to a meeting, you can schedule one online with video in a matter of minutes. Because all attendees can see and hear each other, this is often the most effective way to share plans and ideas. Audio conferencing may be more suitable for a quick update, but video calls are the best way to hold an important meeting. Whilst you could use online chat services such as Skype, investing in professional software for video conferencing is a far better way to do things as you’ll benefit from added security, high-quality video and added bonuses including transcripts or recording of video calls for later reference.

Choosing the Right Service

You’ll find that video conferencing is growing in popularity as more businesses than ever before are employing remote staff, those who work from home or staff who are in offices abroad. This type of conferencing is best for regular use as it allows you virtual face to face contact with staff for regular meetings, weekly or monthly updates or presentations. If you’re going to be using your conferencing service for less frequent updates and you just need to touch base with staff, contractors, investors or partners, then audio conferencing may be your best bet and you’ll find all types of conferencing solutions from The Conference Group, whatever your needs. Web conferencing offers a happy medium with the ability to share supporting documents and information securely – sometimes a combination of web and video conferencing is ideal for general meetings.

There’s no denying that as technology continues to evolve, it’s almost certain that most businesses will rely on some form of remote conferencing in the near future, if they don’t already. If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, investing now in a conferencing service for your company is definitely a wise move!  You’ll be able to impress colleagues and business partners with your professional audio, web or video conferencing system.  Most companies offering conferencing solutions will be happy to advise you which is the best option for your business needs, and you could even invest in all three if you’re looking to stay connected in as many ways as possible!

Jeremy Walters is a freelance technology writer and gadget geek – having ran his own successful writing business for the last 10 years, he frequently takes advantage of video conferencing services to hold client meetings and loves the way this keeps his travel costs to a minimum!