Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy Note II

Feb 12, 2013– Dallas, USA  (Techreleased) – With so many must-have devices on the market that do different tasks – phones to make calls, tablets to surf the web and play media – manufacturers really need to offer something different to stand out. Samsung marketing claims that the Galaxy Note blends a phone and tablet, or ‘phablet’ as they call it, so that you can do it all. Does it hold up to the hype?

The first generation Samsung Note was a big seller despite critical initial reviews. The screen was larger than other smartphones, which can be polarizing depending on how you like to operate your smartphone – it can be annoying to hold up a giant phone to your ear. But if you’re not scared away by the screen size, the Android Galaxy Note II has some very cool features.

The stylus that comes with the phone, the S-Pen, is great for scribbling a handwritten note or a drawing. For people who prefer the feel of writing with a pen, the Note II gives them that ability. One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note is that it comes loaded with Adobe Photoshop Touch, and with the large screen and S-Pen, you can edit photos on your phone – it’s like having the power of a PC at your fingertips. Multitasking is the phone’s main function – Share Shot allows you to take and send photos to your network, and documents are easy to revise.

The look of the Note II is in line with the Samsung family of products, with a physical home button on the bottom. Measuring 5.94 inches tall, 3.16 inches wide and 0.37 inches thick, the new version is slightly taller and thinner, and runs the Android Jelly Bean system. With a screen resolution of 1280×720, movies look great on the Note II and you really see the benefit of the much larger screen compared with other devices in the category.
Another impressive feature that often gets overlooked in favor of the media bells and whistles is that the Note II has an excellent battery life. Fitted with a 3,100mAh battery pack, the device can run for 15 to 20 hours depending on use before it needs to be recharged.

The release of the Samsung Note III is imminent, offering more upgrades and an even larger screen. The Note is not for everyone, but it’s gotten a stamp of approval from many consumers and is worth checking out if you value long battery life, a large screen, the handy S-Pen and the ability to multitask on the move.