BONES for iPhone 5
BONES for iPhone 5

Dec 03, 2012– San Francisco, USA  (Techreleased) – BONES™ is a Super Strong, shock-absorbing case designed for those on the wild side of life. By injecting polycarbonate bones into rubber, SwitchEasy™ creates a super shock absorbing case with great tactility and grip. The edges are decked out with a bone motive and , giving it playful touch. BONES™ is a great case for everybody who is not afraid to go a bit crazy.

Our product features the following:

  • Protective case made from Super Protective PC material covered with shock absorbing PU rubber
  • Covered volume and on/off buttons with tactile sensation
  • Boney form factor

Our product includes:

  • One BONES™ unit
  • Two Front Screen Protectors
  • One Back Protecting Adhesive Membrane
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application
  • Two Lightning Connector Protectors
  • Two 3.5mm Headphone Jack Protectors
BONES for iPhone 5
BONES for iPhone 5

SwitchEasy™ BONES™ for iPhone 5 comes initially in 5 fantastic colors (Pirate Black, Venom Black, Toxic Lime, Poison Pink and Alien) which will complement any fashion needs.

The suggested retail price of SwitchEasy™ BONES™ for iPhone 5 is $29.99 USD in U.S and open price for the rest of the world.