MONSTERS for iPhone 5
MONSTERS for iPhone 5

Dec 05, 2012– San Francisco, USA  (Techreleased) – SwitchEasy Limited is proud to announce the availability of MONSTERS™ for iPhone 5, unique soft touch silicone protection for iPhone 5.

Our product features the following:

  • Dress up your iPhone into your personal monster
  • Soft touch super rich coated silicone
  • Complete protection with headphone jack and connector protectors included

MONSTERS™ product includes:

  • One MONSTERS™ unit
  • Two Front Screen Guards
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One squeegee screen guard applicator
  • Two Connector Protectors


MONSTERS for iPhone 5
MONSTERS for iPhone 5

SwitchEasy™ MONSTERS™ for iPhone 5 comes initially in 5 fantastic models; Ticky(Black), Wicky(Blue), Scrappy(Green), Freaky(Yellow) and Pinky(Pink) which complement any fashion needs.

The suggested retail price of SwitchEasy™ MONSTERS™ is $19.99 USD in U.S. and open price for the rest of the world.